Fun and Delicious Treats for Your Kids to Try This Summer

The summer heat is here, which means we’re all trying to cool down – kids included. After all, while this heat can be refreshing and enjoyable, it can make just about anyone irritable and antsy.

The good news is that there are plenty of sweet treats out there that will help your kids stay refreshed and help you keep your cool this season.

What is a pool day without some sweet treats to help you and your kids beat the heat? After sweating under the sun, cool off by enjoying any of these tasty and refreshing treats. Chances are, you will love these treats as much as your kids. For your kids check Ice Cream delivered

Dippin Dots

If you’ve ever spent any time in a movie theatre or shopping mall, you’re probably familiar with Dippin Dots. These futuristic-looking ice cream pellets have been a springtime staple since 1988.

Technically, Dippin Dots is a form of ice cream. The difference, however, is in how you make Dippin Dots. The ice cream pellets are flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, which makes the treat noticeably different than traditional ice cream. Dippin Dots have a unique mouthfeel, which makes eating them a one-of-a-kind experience.

Unfortunately, you can’t make this frozen treat at home since the process requires factory-grade equipment. You can, however, use an online shopping directory like Shopping Canada to find the closest Dippin Dots location near you.

Dippin Dots

Ice Cream

When you hear the tune of an ice cream truck, it’s instinctive to check your pocket or wallet for loose change and send your kids over to pick a treat.

We all know that ice cream is tasty, creamy, and refreshing, but what you may not know is that this sweet treat has a vibrant and exciting history. People have enjoyed various renditions of ice cream since 97 AD – and rarely for more than a few dollars.

If you don’t have an ice cream parlour nearby, you can make ice cream at home as a fun summer activity.


Can you think of anything more refreshing on a hot spring day than an ice-cold slushy? Probably not.

Slushies are a mixture of crushed ice, sugar, and artificial flavouring. Despite its simplicity, the refreshing sweet drink offers a depth of flavour and fresh taste that you can’t beat.

Most convenience stores have machines that dispense a variety of slushy flavours but, if you’re craving a specific taste, you can try to make slushies at home.

If you’d like a healthier alternative with less sugar that is equally refreshing, you can opt for a fruit smoothie. Read here the major health benefits of smoothies for your kids. 


The best part about popsicles is that they come in a wide variety of shapes and flavours. Not to mention, there are various fresh fruit and no sugar added popsicle options that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Like most of the snacks mentioned above, you can make popsicles at home! This activity is straightforward, fast, and fun to do with kids.


Freezies are another frozen treat that will satisfy kids’ sugar cravings. You can opt for mini freezies, or encourage the kids to split a jumbo freezie in half. You can always indulge the kiddos and wrap up a hot day with a freezie of their choice.