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Nowdays, electric bikes have become more and more popular among the public because they are ideal for daily commuting and off-road use. However, electric trikes will be a better alternative for those who want to carry more and ride more steadily. Of course, electric trikes are very special electric vehicles. The different wheelbase and center of gravity make its riding style inevitably different from that of an electric bike. Here, Addmotor is pleased to introduce these differences and how to adapt to them!


Many people are worried about whether the electric trikes keep balance well or not. We believe that the reason for this concern may be some overturning situations due to excessive speed while turning.

In fact, because the electric tricycle has three contact points compared to electric bike, it can stand independently without any additional support. You don’t need to worry about the unstable center of gravity even riding at a very slow speed. Not only that, when waiting for a short period of time, such as at a traffic light, what riders need to do is to press the brake levers which allows them to comfortably sit and wait.

Our advice for how to ride electric trikes in a stable way is — get ready to turn in advance. Once the rider tilts electric tricycles to a certain angle like what he usually do on a electric bike while turning, one of the wheels may be lifted off the ground. As a result, the rider might be in danger of overturning. For riders who are used to riding e-bikes or motorcycles, this could be a big challenge and it takes some time to adapt. However, riders must keep the center of gravity at the center when turning and ensure that all three wheels are on the ground for their safety.

On and off

Surprisingly, some riders believe that it’s very difficult to get on and off an electric tricycle because the rider cannot tilt an electric trike like an electric bike to get on. When you first get on an electric trike, please turn off the motor and try it on flat ground. Then, we suggest that the best way to get on an electric trike is to hold the two brake levers tightly, step across the middle of the electric trike, and release the brakes after ensuring that you sit on the electric trike steadily.

In this way, the electric tricycle will not slide and cause you to fall. It’s better to adjust the seat of the electric trike lower than the height of the electric bike seat you are used to before riding on it. This is to match the lower center of gravity of the electric trike for better stability.

Plus, after sitting on the electric trike, you still need to pay attention to whether you need to step on the ground with one foot to maintain your balance. This can prevent you from being scratched by the parts of the electric trike such as the chain and pedals during the process of getting on.


Once again, getting ready for turning in advance is cruical for riders of electric trikes. This is because it is not only about speed but also size. Undoubtedly, the rear of an electric trike takes more physical space than an electric bike, so a larger turning radius is required. Electric trikes cannot turn or bypass obstacles easily because of its huge size. For your safety, please pay attention to this and get preparation before turning. When you practice riding for the first time, it is best for you to keep your hands on the brake levers to prevent the electric trike from braking in time when it is out of control.

Therefore, please don’t regard electric trikes as electric bikes. For reference, the width of the rear part of the electric trike should be slightly wider than your shoulder. And when you encounter some obstacles or gaps that can be passed, please predict in advance whether your electric trike can pass. This is to ensure your safety and that your electric trike won’t be damaged.

Riding Position

One of the factors you should consider before purchasing electric trikes is the seat. The seats of electric trikes include upright seats and recumbent seats. If you are good at riding a bike, upright seats will be the best option for you. With a upright seats, riders can step on the pedals and exert force easily. Addmotor M-330 P7, M-340, M-350 P7 are all good choices for upright seat electric trikes. Among them, the M-340 also comes with an extra backrest, providing you a more comfortable riding experience.

On the contrary, recumbent seats are more suitable for riders who like to ride in a comfortable position or who have health issue like knee problems. Bulit with a semi-recumbent frame, Addmotor M-360 allows the rider to ride in a comfortable stretched posture.

Range of Use

Although electric trikes have a lot of advantages like stronger load capacity, stability, and comfort, they have their limits especially, the off-road capability. Nevertheless, the electric trikes are stable and comfortable when driving on paved roads or ordinary rough terrain. But if you are an off-road enthusiast or want to conquer different tracks, hunting electric bikes or all-terrain electric bikes are on the top of your list. In addition, we do not recommend that riding electric trikes in off-road, deep snow, or extremely rugged environments.

Various uses

Many adults also prefer an electric fat tire trike for travelling around town. Not only can electric trike easily transport heavy luggage and other bulky items, they are also an environmentally friendly option. They also won’t tire out the rider too easily, and will also carry more weight than electric bikes due to the additional third wheel stability. 

Moreover, the electric bike option is best for those who want to preserve their safety and comfort while also being independent and mobile. These vehicles also provide a fun means of enjoying the outdoor, running errands, and exploring a small town or village. 

Elderly folks or those who have mobility issues also greatly appreciate electric tricycles for the convenience, reliability, and opportunities they provide. Along with all of these an electric trike has several other benefits and potential uses. Let’s discuss some of these below:

  • The Daily Commute: A lot of people have to commute daily to work, school, university, etc. Most electric bikes and trikes can travel within a range of 20 to 70 miles using a single charge. If this distance is the same as or more than your commute, investing in an electric trike might be worth it. This way, you save money on fuel and also avoid the hassle of the subway rush or waiting around for other forms of public transport. Do remember that you will also have to account for the distance on the way back
  • Visiting Shopping Spots: Many of us conduct a monthly grocery run but still have to run out every now and then for the daily necessities. Instead of having to catch the bus, subway, or take out your car each time, it’s easier to hop on an electric trike and ride to the corner store market. A  fat tire electric trike should have plenty of space for your items, so transporting them won’t be an issue either
  • Managing Deliveries: If you have a home-based or small business, electric trikes can be very handy for delivering nearby order. Some models even have a storage compartment so that the products remain safe and sound


Riding always comes with a risk, so please wear a helmet when taking your electric tricycles for a ride. If necessary, you can put on more protective gear such as knee pads and elbow pads. More importantly, be sure to check your local regulations regarding electric trikes. Different governments have different rules about when and where you are allowed on the sidewalk and when you must use the street.

All in all, electric trikes will take your adventures and you experiences to the next level. We must admit that it will take some time to get used to using electric trikes as a daily means of transportation. Although Addmotor has proposed these differences and solutions to you here, the best way to get used to an electric trike is to practice on the road.

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