From Farm to Bottle: The Journey of Ingredients in Organic Baby Formula

Organic baby formula is an essential product that provides babies with all the needed nutrients in the first years of life when breastfeeding is unavailable for some reasons. Many parents choose organic products for their babies to provide them with a healthy and wealthy life. But have you ever thought about the journey of organic baby formula’s ingredients? Have you imagined all the paths from farm to bottle? This article will provide all the fascinating details of this process and unveil organic baby formula production.

What are organic ingredients?

Nowadays, organic nutrition has become more and more popular among parents. Most parents want to be sure that the products that are chosen for their kids are natural, safe, and high-quality. Before starting a journey, we should emphasize that organic baby formula differs from regular ones with ingredients. Organic formulas like HiPP Dutch are purely made with organic ingredients. Such products grow without the usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful substances. Organic ingredients do not contain GMOs and are produced according to high safety and quality standards. 

The process starts at the organic farm

The farmers who specialize in growing organic products are guided by strict EU standards and protocols to provide the highest quality and safety. European organic farming follows all standards and protocols in every stage of the food supply chain. Also, it applies to production, processing, and management on the farm. Farmers use natural ways of soil cultivation and avoid chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Moreover, organic farms are those which use chemical-free agricultural practices. Such farms grow animals with respect to their welfare. Having the EU organic logo on the package means that at least 95% of agricultural formula’s ingredients come from organic production.

The growth of the organic ingredients

Farmers concentrate on the growth of organic agricultural products on their farms. One of the most important rules in European organic agriculture is a limited impact on the environment. The farmers should responsibly use natural resources and energy. Cattle farms should provide and support animal health as well as crop farms should provide organic growth for plants. Moreover, the cattle should be fed with 100% organic feeds. In general, the farmers produce feed on their farms or buy them in the region. The livestock can be bred only in a natural way. Artificial insemination is forbidden. Also, the cattle quantity on the farm should be limited to provide decent welfare for animals.

Collecting, processing, and mixing the ingredients

After collecting raw materials on the farm, they are transported to the manufacturing facility. There starts the process of producing organic baby formula. Raw materials are processed with the help of modern technologies, which allow saving the maximum amount of nutrients. For example, the grain is transformed into nutritious proteins and carbohydrates.

Adding nutrients

Organic baby formula has a high level of nutrients that a baby needs for healthy growth and development. During the production, the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics can be added to the formula to provide good nutrition.

Research and quality control

Organic baby formulas are subject to mandatory research and quality control. Independent organizations test formulas for compliance with organic production standards. Such tests guarantee organic baby formulas meet the highest safety and quality standards. For example, the organic formulas of the brand HOLLE are certificated with Demeter. The biodynamic standards of Demeter exceed conventional organic agriculture and make it the highest and strictest organic certification in Europe. The Demeter label on the package ensures that at least 98% of the ingredients are organically produced. 

Packaging and delivery

After production, the organic baby formula is packaged in safe and environmentally friendly packaging. The packed organic baby formulas are delivered to BabyMilkBar – organic baby formula shop, where parents can choose the best formula for their babies.


The journey from farm to bottle is a long and complicated path, which guarantees that your baby gets the best and most natural products for its health and development. Organic baby formula choice helps parents to be aware of the fact that they provide their baby with the best products from reliable sources. The first years of a baby’s life are crucial for the health and development of the baby. That is why it is important to provide the best nutrition possible. And the choice of organic baby formula is the step to a baby’s optimal health and future wealth.