From Daycare to the Office – How It Can Work for You!

When you and your partner, have decided for you to return to work, there may be a few different scenarios that you can use to make your life easier. The good thing is, you can be closer to your child in the process.

In this day and age, there are large companies who have come to realize, returning to work mothers are a vast pool of experience and knowledge that can again be utilized. It is for this reason; some companies now incorporate daycare centers into their business operation to make the best use of these new willing mothers.

If your old company has this facility, all well and good. You could solve two problems in one go. If not, and there a few returns to work mothers who work in the same company, you could maybe suggest this option to your employer. It may just be a business advantage to them, as well as for you.


Secondly, if you wish to return to work, yet you want to work for yourself, there are now a few co-working establishments, that return to work mothers are seeking a solution to their daycare problems. Although, there may not be many in your area, searching to see if there is one in your area, might also be an answer to your problem.

Home Day Care

There is then another option. If you have the experience with children and are in a position to do so, you may be able to join with other like-minded mothers and run your daycare from your own home (space permitting). This can give you the best of both worlds. You have no traveling, and your schedule will not be as chaotic as you are at home already.

Workwise, you have many options depending on your skill levels, and many of these would cover both a co-working center with daycare or if you did have daycare at your own home.

Numerous other businesses seek skilled personnel to help with such duties, as their resume writing services. Unlike the many websites who offer positions to freelance workers, these resume projects are often not as rushed as they have to look more professional.

If you combine either of the co-working spaces, or you have daycare at your home, becoming one of the many resume experts can give you the balance you require for you and your baby.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you may see there are no co-working spaces with childcare, or companies seeking assistance for resumes. An opportunity may be there waiting for someone to offer both.

Old Company with Flexi Time

If none of these solutions is a viable option for you, and you have to resort to working for your old company, or another without childcare. Flexi-time working may be the answer.

For this, there are several options.

Delayed Start

If you take your child to daycare, it may be possible for you to take them and delay your starting time at your workplace. For the sake of thirty minutes, there should not be many companies who would argue with that. As long as the time is made up, no one will lose out.

With this option, it might mean your partner has to collect your child, or you have to make another agreement with your boss regarding this time.

Five into Four

Working four days rather than five is another alternative, if you can show to your boss you can cram five days’ work into four days, you can save one daycare per week. Your company loses nothing, and you will have plenty to gain by saving those few precious dollars.

Work from Home

Once you have established you have a position, the best time to ask is now. Depending on what your career entails, there is nothing to stop your employer from letting you work from home. With instant communication and internet phones, it is just as easy for you to communicate with your boss as if you were at your desk.

This option can be more than ideal; you will be able to work full-time without having to sacrifice your child, on the days that you work from home. The aggravation and cost savings this option can make would be quite staggering if you calculate it over an extended period.

No matter what option you feel comfortable with, you will see you have many options. Solutions are there waiting for you. All you need to do is choose the option that works best for you.


Emma Anderson is the head resume writer at Job Frog Resumes – . She balances taking care of her energetic 2-year-old girl, her hungry husband, work career and social life – just managing to fit sleep in there somewhere.

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