Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Smart Glass for Walls and Windows

For several years, glass walls and windows served only two primary purposes: security and privacy for properties. Thanks to the advancement of technology and engineering, glass windows and walls serve many purposes and provide several benefits.

One of the most sought-after products for properties in the market today is smart glass. This is because of its exceptional features that offer numerous advantages for different properties. If you plan to renovate your property soon and is looking for the best component to use for your walls or windows, here are the frequently asked questions regarding smart glass for you to make a better decision.

What Exactly is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a custom laminated glass that can be used for a wide range of applications. An article noted that smart glass could be used as partition screens, doors, windows, walls, and even as a high-definition projection screen. Smart glass is used in different commercial industries, such as retail, food service, finance, and many more.

Experts ultimately consider smart glass as a versatile switchable glass solution because of its efficiency and technology. This is why it is no surprise that it is one of the most recommended components by builders.

Is Smart Glass More Durable than Standard Glass?

One of the disadvantages of using ordinary or standard glass is its brittleness. Standard glass is known to break immediately, even in low impact situations. Also, whenever ordinary glass breaks, it can form into long sharp pieces that can cause serious harm and injuries (even fatal ones). Fortunately, smart glass provides a better alternative.

Smart glass is made from custom laminated glass that absorbs energy upon impact and resists penetration. Although this type of glass can break due to extremely high-impact, its fragments are bonded to the interlayer, preventing glass shards from propelling into the air and causing injuries.

Does Smart Glass Offer Health Benefits?

Ultraviolet rays (UV) produced by sunlight are harmful, and according to experts, frequent exposure to it can lead to several health conditions. Regular exposure to UV rays is the main cause of skin cancer, which accounts for one of the country’s most common cancer types. Fortunately, smart custom glass offers a solution to this predicament.

Installing smart custom glass in your commercial or residential property provides you with the best protection from harmful UV light. This is because it is known to block 99% of UV rays that enter your household or establishment. Also, custom smart glass can be combined with solar protection to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Does Smart Glass Affect Sound Transmission?

Noise is one of the most annoying things, mainly when individuals concentrate and work on a task or project. This is why, when choosing glass windows or walls, property owners prefer components that have an excellent barrier to noise. Hence, smart custom glass is the most recommended one because of its sound dampening feature.

Smart glass is known to have a higher sound reduction compared to other options in the market. This is because of its viscoelastic properties in its interlayer material that dampens sound frequencies between 125Hz and 3,000Hz. If you want to improve productivity and focus in your home or workplace, smart custom glass is something that you should consider.

Smart glass, because of its advantages and benefits, is arguably the best option in the market today. If you want to upgrade your property’s infrastructure, then you should prioritise installing it immediately. Check out a reputable provider today.

Author:  Alison Lurie