Frenchies as Pets? You Bet!

French bulldogs are known for their tendency to snort, love entertainment, and have earned the “clown dogs” nickname. Others like them for their bat-like years, which are pretty amusing. Of course, the French bulldogs are a high-class breed and have been treated as so throughout history. So if you wonder what’s the fun with these pets, find fun facts below.

The French bulldog is regarded as the best companion dog and is popular in most U.S homes. Specifically, the pups are sweet people pleasers who enjoy following you throughout the rooms and adore cuddling. Wait till you have an audience for your pet and see how they like being the center of the attention.

A fully grown Frenchie weighs around 23 pounds and reaches a height of approximately 123 inches at the shoulder. The pet has a lifespan of about 13 years, depending on numerous factors. Reach out to Frenchies for sale to owning a pet.

Although the pet is referred to as the French bulldog, it originated in England and is a cousin to the English bulldog. The bulldog is a descendant of the Bullenbeisser sports dogs and the Greek Molossian, commonly known for bull-baiting.

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But there’s more that makes the Frenchies unique rather than the bat-like ears. The bulldogs’ muscular large squares head affects their center of gravity, causing them to walk in a unique bow-legged gait. Their appearance is soothing with the adorable smooshy faces and loose skin with wrinkles and the shoulders and head.

The French bulldogs are fun-loving and easygoing for any family member. Besides, they are a true human companion and are friendly with strangers, loyal to parents, and patient with children. Remember that just like any other dogs, the Frenchies are territorial hence the need to socialize, especially at their tender age.

The friendliness does not mean that the Frenchies are not alert. In fact, they can be overly protective when strangers come close to you and can serve as watchdogs when you are away or asleep. They rarely bark without reason. This trait makes them perfect companions if you worry about your pets disturbing neighbors.

What to Know If You Are Looking For Frenchies for Sale

There are specific considerations for you to make and questions to ask before you decide to buy a puppy.

You need to understand the type of pet you want, whether it’s an energetic dog or a more relaxed one. Note that there are behavioral differences in male and female dogs, and you should make informed decisions regarding gender.

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Check all the character traits of the puppy to ensure that it is physically fit and healthy. Avoid breeders selling their puppies at abnormally low prices as this could be an indicator of an unhealthy puppy.

It is always advisable to seek veterinary help whenever you buy a puppy to confirm the vaccination record and fitness.

The Frenchies are one of the popular dogs for good reasons. The pet is known to keep the family lively and entertained. However, all the French bulldog’s fun traits should not make you take the buying decision lightly.