Freelance Jobs for a Student

Being a student is challenging. There are a lot of deadlines to meet, hundreds of assignments to fulfill. On top of that, every young person would like to acquire trendy items and tech innovations. The year 2020 has brought an additional challenge — the financial crisis. Unfortunately, a lot of American families experience financial difficulties because of the pandemic. As a result, students get even less money from their parents or are even forced to earn their living.

Luckily, nowadays, there is not only the risk of losing a job and steady income but also numerous chances to earn some money, even if you have not graduated yet. Here is a list of freelance jobs suitable for almost every student. Other freelance jobs you can find on Jooble.

1.  Call Center Employee

If you think that you will need to commute every day, you are wrong. Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies have revised the way the support team specialists work. You only need an Internet-connected laptop, headphones, and readiness to help people regardless of the purpose of their call. Among the benefits, it is possible to mention that you will have a flexible schedule, as well as you will gain an invaluable experience of communication with people and problem-solving skills.

2.  Tutor

a young female teaching a student image

When you are a student, it is a perfect time to be a tutor. You have all the necessary theoretical knowledge, as well as plenty of possibilities to offer your services. You can help pupils online or offline. Besides, you can even assist your mates with their assignments. Some students prefer entrusting complicated tasks to the RapidEssay team, while others will be glad to assist their friend to make some money in return for academic help.

Tutoring can include both online and offline options. You may offer tutoring hours at your own place or go to students’ homes to help them as needed. Alternatively, you can sign up to teach on a learning platform online. This will enable you to stay at home and fix your own hours as per your own schedule. 

3.  Virtual Assistant

The more freelance specialists appear and work, the higher the demand for virtual assistants. You can post your CV with a list of your strengths and skills on various freelance platforms and social media. Besides, check out the vacancies of assistants from different companies (small and medium). Even if they are not looking for a freelancer, they consider you as a candidate or offer you another freelance position.

4.  Beginner in SMM

In the field of social media marketing, there is a huge demand for specialists. Successful agencies and professionals in this niche are always looking for possibilities to delegate some part of their work to a beginning specialist. Of course, you should have at least a basic understanding of how SMM functions. However, a contemporary young person is actively using at least several social networks. Thus, there will be no problems with the comprehension of basic information. Besides, this position can become a starting point for a successful career in this niche. SMM can become the field of your activity, give it a try!

5.  Dropshipping Vendor

You need an Internet-connected device (even a smartphone is enough), a product (or several), a supplier (or several), and the desire to sell and make money: no parcels, warehouses, and purchases. Find clients, make orders, get your margin as an income. Aside from the possibility to work any moment you have time, you will also master the skills of a seller, which will come in handy regardless of your field of specialization and a future profession.

6. Graphic Designer

If you have the relevant skills, you can make some good money designing logos, templates, and other things for those who need them. This will not only be a nice side hustle, but also be a great opportunity to get in some work experience before applying for a job in the real world. 

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition in the sector of freelance designing, so you need to stay ahead. Start off small, collaborate with small businesses, and build up your skill level along the way. Even if you don’t get work right away, keep aside some time to make sample posters and other marketing materials. These will make up an impressive portfolio that can help you get clients sooner or later. 

7. A Content or Blog Writer

If you feel like your writing is up to par—or even if you just like writing in general—consider creating written content and blogs online. In addition to having a blog of your own, you can also look out for freelancing jobs as a blog writer or content creator. If you go for the latter options, though, you may not always get credit for your effort. However, you will find several opportunities for earning that won’t interfere with your study schedule. Eventually, you may get enough recognition to get an audience flocking to your blog to read content under your own name. 

In general, the modern world is quite complicated. To survive in it, you need to be able to adapt and be flexible. Student years are the best period to acquire these skills. Besides, making some money is always beneficial. Try one of the above freelance jobs, and this may become the starting point of your career. Good luck with the search!