Food PR For Brand Awareness

Why does one brand outsell another? What makes the difference between average and outstanding feedback? How is it that one brand can be on the tip of consumers tongues when another, perhaps better, product and brand slip by unnoticed?

Food PR is not a luxury. It’s an essential tool that ensures the shopping public learns about you, what you offer that rivals don’t and why they should spend their hard earned pennies with you rather than the brand they’ve been using from habit.

Public relations activities carry more credibility than advertising so get it right, first time and every time. Many companies who try to carry out food PR without efficient, tailor made plans and advantageous execution find they waste time, energy and money. As we know, every expenditure in these trying times must be justified so make sure that you spend it well with proven experts. You want to be in control of your food brand’s story so don’t allow any other voices to cloud the narrative. Allowing rivals to drown out your name and products benefits can prove fatal to brands.

Set yourself above your rivals

Having a website and a social media presence are not enough to dislodge the market leader from their optimum position. When you aim to increase market share, profits and maybe even conquer new territories, please do not do so alone. A professional food PR company knows how to achieve your goals successfully and cost effectively. Or, to put it another way, would you carry out your own car’s MOT rather than go to a garage? Then why dispense with the experts for another important task that helps create and maintain safety and longevity for your brand?

If you were to flood social media platforms with irresistible offers that would be wonderful wouldn’t it? Sales would rocket, everyone would know who you are and what you produce so you could buy yourself a house in Barbados to celebrate. Or, more likely, you’ll create a negative response from the consumer who already has innumerable advertising, offers and sale alerts to wade through each day. Your messaging must always be relevant to them and suit your target market. A strong voice can be interpreted as bullying, a weak one as uncompelling. Experts know where to pitch messages to achieve the best return on investment, to convert interest into a sale.

Consumers are increasingly interested in the traceability of their foods and ingredients, how the production processes affect the planet, how workers are treated, how your brand aims to make the world a better place. So tell them! They’re waiting for you to start a conversation with them that is about more than “buy this.” The feedback they get from consumers delivers clear signals about what is right and what they feel is lacking with a brand so the incoming communications are as vital as the ones from the brand. You may have a stack of comments but how do you take these and positively analyse and use them to your advantage? This presumably isn’t your sphere of expertise but food marketing PR experts have the answers and the innovations to help your brand to thrive; survival is not enough. You may not welcome the outlay but can you afford to dismiss the prime tactics and understanding of how the consumer mind operates? The return on investment can be liberating for your brand. See it soar with PR.

Digital, traditional and experimental PR

Professionals also appreciate that using digital methods such as generating quality content without utilising the traditional brand awareness techniques is a perfect way to ignore business opportunities. Not all your potential clients step into a supermarket and trawl the aisles or buy a newspaper which contains news about your brand and how it is positively impacting on their local community. However, there are still a high number who do, so you cannot depend that Mr Smith and Mrs Jones will see your excellent video online or that they access social media each day. Their custom is just as valuable and so they must be aware of you to help you succeed.

Each kind of advertising method you use will have different updates and trends, so a company need to be aware of these in order to have the maximum effect on their audience. Food brands needs to be especial vigilant, since this is a very lucrative and competitive industry. If you want to make the most impact on social media, for instance, it might be a good idea o partner up with some influencers that are relevant in your specific niche. If your main product is natural ingredients, a health and lifestyle influencer might be the best option. 

Making Content Easy to Access

Speaking of influencers, there are also ways to get relevant people seeking out your brand as well.  A few well-placed changes can lead to the right influencers finding you content and trying it your products on their own. Conduct some research on SEO and keywords searches, see what hashtags are related to your content, and start posting accordingly. 

When you improve SEO, you can join conversations that can lead to increasing the online presence of your brand. Influencers, potential customers, and even complementary brands will  come across your products more easily and are more likely to be interested I your content that way. 


Food PR specialists are imaginative and create unique campaigns for brands so whilst your rival may not suit a particular avenue of PR, you could. Just because Brand A doesn’t appear at food and country shows, why can’t you?

You can have the best intentions, the loftiest goals but the wrong food PR approaches when you don’t seek professional services. Don’t risk your brand or its potential.