Five Things to Consider When Choosing Patio & Deck Contractors

Home improvements are something that homeowners know a lot about. They can be a necessity or fun upgrades. Exterior landscaping like patios and decks falls under the fun category. These home improvements are usually exterior, and homeowners tend to be less cautious about finding patio and deck contractors than they are with kitchen or bath remodelers.

This home improvement can be made outside of your home, but it is vital to safety and functionality. Decks and patios are visible and often used all year. These factors make it crucial for homeowners to hire the best local patio contractors. Professional, high-quality construction is essential.

The availability of a sheer number of patio contractors Philadelphia is one of the greatest obstacles to finding the right one. It isn’t easy to see home improvement in a neighborhood during summer.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 5 things to look for when looking into patio and deck contractors.

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right deck and patio builders

1. Review the Reviews

Reading the reviews of patio and deck builders is a must. This step is simple, and the internet makes it even easier. You can find reviews on companies by visiting Angie’s List and GuildQuality, Facebook, Google, and Facebook. You should pay particular attention to reviews that relate to the work you are interested in. Many deck and patio contractors also do other work if you are interested in adding a deck or patio to your home.

In some cases, you can even filter the reviews according to your unique interests, preferences, or situation. For instance, you might want to just read the reviews of a certain patio builder according to the region you live in. Other filter preferences may include certain types of woods, designs, and other features. This way, you get customized feedback on a contractor under consideration and can make a more informed decision while hiring them (or choosing not to).

2. Visit Their Website

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There is no reason not to visit the website of the company. You can view their portfolio and decide if you like the designs. It is also possible to see what materials they use and if these materials are right for you. You can also find testimonials and years of experience on the company website.

Along with the official website of a likely contractor or builder, it is also a good idea to check out their social media pages as well. Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms will show you images and comments that can give a valuable insight into the company and how it treats its customers. 

Their level of customer engagement is also important; if their team is actively answering questions and resolving complaints, it’s a good sign that they value their audience. On the other hand, a lack of response and several complaints about quality or scamming are huge red flags that should immediately turn you away from collaborating with a contractor or building company.

3. Ask questions

Before you hire a contractor, it is good to ask them questions. Please make a list of questions you have and ensure they are answered. It is important to learn as much as you can about the contractor, including their experience, approach to projects, and how they can assist you. You should not feel pressured or pushed around by a contractor. Communication and customer service are essential in any construction project. It would be best to find a contractor who values these qualities and can build a strong business relationship with them such as Top Deck Building Company.

4. Take the time to review all bids

Get multiple quotes or bids from contractors by speaking to them. You should carefully review the quotes to determine what’s included and whether it suits your needs. Please do not choose a contractor solely based on their lowest price. It’s okay to have a budget. However, blindly accepting the lowest bid may backfire on you. You get what you pay, and a low bid is a red flag.

In addition to the basic bid, it’s also important to check out any repair or follow-up services that a contractor may provide. Ask about the warranties of their work, potential discounts on repairs, and follow-up appointments to ensure that you get a quality patio or deck.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily a bad thing if someone says that they will charge for repair services. If you think it’s too much, this point could be leverage for a bidding war for free or discounted services.  For the most part, professional patio and deck builders will give guarantees on their work and provide the customer with incentives to keep them happy. If there is no interest in these aspects of the work, it might be time to search elsewhere.

5. Buy Local

Look for a local contractor and choose one to build your patio or deck. Local contractors hire local people, but they are also familiar with local building codes and permit requirements and will be readily available to you in the future if there is ever a problem with your patio or deck.


Local patio contractors can be found by asking your neighbors and friends for recommendations. You might also find signs as you drive around the town. A quick internet search can bring up many local options. After you’ve compiled a list, dig deeper to find the right contractor for you.