Five Options for Master Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathrooms are the first and last place we start and end our day. It is the place where people can peacefully freshen up.

So, why keep it dull and dim?

By installing beautiful master bathroom vanity lights, one can illuminate their bathroom and amp up the interiors of their entire home.

Before getting started, feel free to click the following link to explore some stylish and trending bathroom countertops design ideas for residential spaces.

What are vanity lights?

Vanity Lights are a specific subdivision of lighting that is made specifically to be installed over bathroom vanity. As a result, they change the whole look of the bathroom. But this should not be the only means of lighting in a bathroom.

Layers of lighting should be installed in the bathroom so that the bathroom can be fully lightened up. The vanity lighting will focus more on brightening up the face.

Another significant aspect one must keep in mind when choosing the vanity lights is the type of countertop. It also has an important impact on the overlook of the bathroom vanity.

Five stylish master bathroom vanity lights options that make any space look luxurious

1. Vanity lights in farmhouse style

Homeowners who love farmhouse houses will fall in love with the farmhouse vanity lighting style. It looks amazing and is perfect for bathrooms in the living room area. This is because almost everybody uses that area, whether guests or anybody else.

The farmhouse vanity lighting’s hardware is more of a rustic style. To enhance the bathroom’s overall look, add some wooden cabinets and make sure that the drawers in the vanity are made of wood. Use brass for the taps and other faucets.

2. Double vanity

What’s better than one bathroom vanity? Of course, two bathroom vanities!

It might sound too much but if one has ample space in their bathroom, then installing two vanities is a great idea. Talking about their lighting part, large-sized bulbs will work the best in this case.

Homeowners will require only three to four big bulbs to cover the vanity space. One can also cover each vanity space separately, but it will be more costly and time-consuming. Homeowners can also go a bit more extravagant and fill the master bathroom lights with similar lighting.

3. Stylish and bright lights in bathroom vanity

Fill in the bathroom with beautiful lighting all over the bathroom with a stylish and modern touch. No doubt that vintage lighting looks royal and gives a warm look. But the modern take on spreading brightness into the washroom is no less than a blessing.

Use lamps with beautiful patterns drawn all over them and a stylish switch for operating them. Put in some colourful cabinets in the bathroom, and the bathroom is all set for use.

4. Aesthetic looking vanity lights

Usually, people like bright lights that will immediately catch the eye of individuals who pass in front of the mirror. But those who like to keep it modest can go for an aesthetic lighting touch-up for their master bathroom vanity lights; for this, one will require a dim lighting system.

Two outlets will be enough to cover the whole vanity space. One can also fill in the whole bathroom with grey colour tones. This will work well with the low-key aesthetic lighting theme. Installing a grey-coloured quartz countertop will also look good.

5. Green walled bathroom with brass lighting:

A monochromatic bathroom looks incredibly beautiful and elegant when done correctly. An effective and unique colour choice for a monochromatic coloured bathroom is green. People usually do not expect to see a bathroom covered from every nook and corner in the same colour. So, this will be something out of the box.

By keeping the decoration part a bit low-key, one can divert the focus on the lighting part more. For master bathroom ceiling lights and vanity lighting, one can take brass as the material for the head of the lighting outlet. Inculcating a few brass elements on the sides of the mirror will look quite good.

For those who are confused about choosing the right type of vanity lighting shape, here is the guide to the various options available:

Guide to various types of lighting heads


Bar vanity light is one of the most classic types of lighting heads. It is usually fitted in a rectangular box, and either has several lamps enclosed in it, or it will have one long rod. If one decides to use LED lights, then the bar lamp shades are a perfect choice.


Globe is quite a modern bathroom lighting head design. It gives out a quirky, clean, sleek feel and is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It will go well with practically any bathroom, where there is a modern touch. In this, the bulbs are enclosed in a globe-shaped lighting head.


There is a variety of shapes available in shaded vanity lights. The lights that are enclosed in it are usually dim and light shades. The shaded light heads are quite versatile and look incredible. One important thing when choosing a shaded lighting is the material from which it is formed.

Materials like glass, fabric shades, and metal are not frequently used in damp areas. So, before choosing to work with them, make sure to use the one that is specifically designed for damp environments. One can also choose to mount the lighting on an area which won’t get damaged in moisture.


Another type of lighting head that one can use is the cage type. It allows light to shine without hindrance and provides air to cross through it. Most homeowners who want their bathrooms to have a vintage look prefer cage-style lighting shapes.


Choosing a master bathroom vanity lights can be a tough task for anyone. This is because there are so many things one must take care of when choosing vanity lighting, like the shape of the lighting head and the material used. Another thing that needs to be seen is whether or not the lighting is working with the bathroom’s interior.