Five Essential Do’s & Don’ts With Your Nanny

For many people having a nanny isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential part of being a good parent. Of course, you need to choose a reputable agency for nanny services Sydney to ensure you get a high-quality nanny for the job.

It may seem strange to describe a nanny as essential when they cost. But, their cost is surprisingly affordable, allows you to continue working, and, most importantly, ensures the time you spend with your child is high-quality.

However, once you have a nanny it is essential to remember the five do’s and don’ts that apply to life with a nanny.

The Don’ts

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first.

1. Never compare

If you have ever had a nanny before then you need to put what they did to one side. It benefits no one to compare the nannies and the only thing you should be interested in is whether they are good for the children or not.

2. Don’t micromanage

Your nanny knows what they have to do, let them do it. Micromanaging them and telling them what they need to do will quickly encourage them to leave and ruins the point of you having a nanny.

3. Be insecure

Whether you have a male nanny or a female one there is always the possibility that you’ll feel they are bonding better with the children or your partner. Don’t be insecure about this. The nanny won’t disrupt the bond you have but they do need to form their own.

4. Avoid talking about issues

If you have an issue regarding the nanny and their behavior or approach then tell them. Avoiding the issue helps no one and generally creates tension.

5. Change your terms

Once you have agreed on terms with your nanny don’t change them or expect them to do something extra. That requires you to renegotiate the contract.

The Do’s

Here are the things you should be doing with your nanny:

1. Pay them on time

Always pay your nanny on time. No matter how well you are getting along, they are there to earn money and you must respect that agreement.

2. Tell them you’re running late

If you are running late always tell them and check it’s okay with them. If they are on the clock they may have their own plans. But, they will almost certainly flex if you are a little late, it’s only an occasional occurrence, and you keep them updated.

3. Ensure they know their responsibilities

When hiring a nanny it is important to be very clear about what you expect them to do and what you don’t. This ensures everyone knows the boundaries and makes life much easier when sharing with a nanny.

4. Praise them

It is important to praise your nanny whenever appropriate. This also makes it easy to provide balanced feedback when there is an issue.

5. Tell them in advance about changes

Finally, if you do need to change plans or duties talk to them first. This will help you come to a mutually agreeable solution.