Finding the Perfect Backpack for a Day on the Town

Enjoying a day out is easier when you know you have the items you need. A well-designed backpack lets you stay organized while keeping your hands free. These packs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

The Best Backpacks For a Trip to the Town

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The right backpack choice for your next day on the town depends on what you need for your favorite activities. You can also order premium handmade leather duffle bags online here.

Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

Sometimes, the average daypack is not large enough to hold everything you need. The supplies for an active day out may include a change of shoes, tech gear and other personal items. The Nomatic 30L meets this need by pushing the boundary between a backpack and duffle, and it has a strap that can switch between the two. It features a ventilated shoe compartment to carry up to two extra pairs for your journey. This Nomatic bag also has several tech features like a water-resistant pocket and a cord opening to help keep you connected.

REI Osprey Daylite Pack

REI is best known for its outdoor gear. The Osprey Daylite pack is an ideal choice if your day out includes local trails or you prefer a more rugged style. This durable backpack has a 13-liter capacity and comfortable support for heavier loads. The interior sleeve can hold a 13-in electronic device, or it can carry a hydration sleeve for a drink on the go.

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack

Technology has become an essential part of daily life. For those who want to post, vlog or otherwise upload their adventures, a backpack that powers devices is a big help. The Solar Backpack by Voltaic Systems combines a large, 25-liter capacity with a 24,000mAh solar battery. This configuration provides plenty of power for laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices. Ample interior padding will keep your equipment safe as you travel.

The Backpack by Modern Picnic

The Backpack by Modern Picnic combines modern style with practical design for lighter loads. Its vegan leather exterior gives the bag a sophisticated look. Inside, it has an insulated main compartment to keep your lunch at the right temperature. The Backpack sports a laptop sleeve to keep your devices safe. The attached handle lets you swiftly move the bag from backpack to handbag mode.

Modokor Vintage Laptop Backpack

If you want modern convenience with a classic style, the Modokor Vintage Laptop Backpack is an excellent choice. This water-resistant fabric backpack has a 25-liter carrying capacity. It includes six compartments to safely stow your electronics along with other necessary items. A built-in charging port allows you to charge your phone on the go when connected to a power bank.

Your next backpack will prepare you for your next adventure. When everything you need is close at hand, you can relax and enjoy an eventful day.

How To Choose the Perfect Backpack for a Day on the Town

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When you plan to spend a day in town and need to carry multiple items, having a backpack can be extremely useful as you can sling it over your back and have your hands free. However, choosing the perfect bag is incredibly important because if your bag is uncomfortable or not made of high-quality material, you will likely feel uneasy all day. Here are a few things to consider when finding the best backpack for your day in the town.

Comfort and Design

Having a comfortable backpack is critical when you intend on walking for long distances. If your straps are comfortable and well-designed, they will be able to distribute the load of the items in your bag a lot more easily, so you won’t feel the pressure on your shoulders. Well-designed backpacks also have sufficient padding on the straps to avoid them digging into your shoulder. Ideally, you would want a bag you can adjust depending on what feels most comfortable. 

Material Quality

The durability of your backpack is crucial because you may be carrying electronic items that need to be protected when you are out and about. Ensure that you choose a durable bag that can withstand heavy weights. Most high-quality bags use nylon, which can resist abrasion much more efficiently than other materials. 


When choosing a backpack for a day on the town, ensure you do not pick one that is too heavy. If your bag is heavy, it will add pressure to your shoulders, making the items you are carrying feel heavier than they are. It is best to pick lightweight bags, so you do not injure your shoulders or get too tired. 


Walking around town with a high-quality backpack means you will always have your necessary items and keep your hands free. However, not all bags are made the same, and if you choose an uncomfortable one, you will likely get tired, or your shoulders might start hurting. Therefore, you must consider factors like weight, comfort, and material before you choose one.