Find out the difference between online slots and live casinos here!

Online slots have beaten real casinos hands down in recent times, especially amongst the young generation, even leading to the closure of some of these traditional casinos.

Just as online slots become more popular, it is imperative to distinguish between online and live casinos, as well as the different experiences they deliver. If you’re not sure which one to opt for, this article will help you.

What are online slots?

Just like real casinos, online slots have some of the best gambling and gaming opportunities for users, except that they have different features. For instance, they are played on a mobile device or PC, using internet connectivity, and they can be played from anywhere in the world.

Online slots have elaborate themes and gaming narratives that make the games captivating. They also require less expertise while allowing players to make legal money on the platforms.

What is a live casino?

Live casino games allow players to access a selection of live casinos in a section of online casinos. Many online casinos create a mobile application or a different site where they make live-dealer games available to players in a secure gaming environment.

Online vs. Live Casinos

Live casino games are new to the field compared to online casinos, and one of the major differences between them is the presence of table games powered by RNG, real casino games, and slots found at online casinos which are different from real casinos where you only find live dealer casino games.

Here are the major differences between live casino games and RNG-powered online gambling games

1. Game Categories

One major difference between online casinos and live casinos is the range of games available. Live casinos often offer more expensive games because many people want to play real casino games in a luxurious setting. As a result, these games are updated, and sometimes, some percentage of live games are reserved for elite players to encourage them to visit live casinos. Online casinos, on the other hand, have interesting but cheaper categories.

2. Internet Connection

All players need to have stable and fast internet connections to enjoy games on live casinos online. Poor or broken internet connection could get a player kicked out of the game, which means they lose.

However, the standard slot machine game can be played effectively even with a fair or slow internet connection.

3. Gaming Experience

A live casino is very similar to a traditional casino establishment where in-person experience is concerned. Experience is needed because the way a dealer spins the wheel or deals the cards can affect the game’s turnout.

On the other hand, casino games with a random number generator leave these tasks to computers and then accept any outcome. RNG-operated games are amazing in a transparent casino. You can play your best game at any price.

4. Minimal stakes

The best live casinos always have higher stakes than their online counterpart. This is because the technology used to ensure a seamless gambling experience is expensive to run. So, even the minimum wagers for games are often on the high side.

Online casinos that use RNG software have lower bets and are great for people with no table experience. They also allow you to enjoy games at your own pace.