Features to Check While Choosing Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its scenic locales, and when there, you deserve accommodation that meets your every expectation. Living in one of the best Sandals resorts while on vacation gives you access to luxurious amenities. Sandals properties are all-inclusive and designed to give holidaymakers a memorable vacation.

Having clarity on the purpose of your trip is essential to identify an appropriate resort. Are you heading to the Caribbean for a romantic getaway, an adventurous escape, or yearning to completely unwind while there? Whatever your aim, Sandals resorts assist you in achieving your ultimate goal and creating lasting holiday memories.

Important Considerations

When on vacation, you look to maximize the fun element and earn valuable returns by checking into a resort that delivers on these aspects. With adequate research and planning, you can identify an appropriate facility from among the best Sandals resorts on offer.

You earn welcome points by signing up for the free Sandals Select Rewards program. These you can later redeem towards a room upgrade, savings on packages, and more. Besides taking advantage of holiday promotions and traveling off-season, the rewards program also facilitates your access to the best deals ever possible.

Listed below are essential factors to evaluate when selecting a Sandals resorts for your upcoming Caribbean trip:

Distance from the Airport

Although Sandals resorts arrange for your commute to and from the airport, it helps to know the traveling time involved. If you have planned a short getaway, every minute spent on the road deprives you of time dedicated to enjoying the resort’s luxuries.

Sandal’s properties like Grenada, Emerald Bay, Antigua, and Royal Caribbean can be reached well within 20 minutes from leaving the airport. However, the resorts located in Jamaica and Saint Lucia are further away from the airport and involve a long drive. You may need to cater for an hour and a half, if not more, on the road.

Level of Service Entitlement

Depending on the type of accommodation you reserve, you could be entitled to additional butler or concierge services. The latter entitles you to lounge access and entry to special events. A concierge agent also assists you with making reservations around the resort.

Dedicated butlers escort you to your table, serve you as you relax by the beach or poolside, plan romantic surprises, and anticipate your every need. Booking a basic luxury suite entitles you to avail of all the entertainment activities, beverages, and food on offer at the resort without personalized frills.

Access to Tours and Excursions

Scuba lessons and organized excursions to surrounding areas provide a welcome dose of adventure when on holiday. For an additional fee, you should have the option of booking such exciting tours and lessons online before arriving at the resort. Check the corresponding Sandals extras page for relevant inputs.

Address Dietary Restrictions

If you have food allergies or are currently on a prescribed diet, the resort should be willing to accommodate your dietary restrictions. A provision to alert the resort of your dietary needs well in advance gives them time to make necessary arrangements. It also ensures your food intake is not compromised while on holiday.

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