Facts about Solar Power that Will Blow Your Mind

Power goes off in several buildings near your block, and you decide to take a stroll down the park to pass the time. The first step outside greets you with direct sun rays hitting your forehead. Then it hits your mind. You have been toying with the idea of installing a solar energy system for your home use. Not only is it convenient, but it also gives you a safe and renewable energy source.

Here are some fun facts on solar power that you should know.

You Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

You may think that it is necessary to place your solar panel against the sun’s rays for use. However, your panel only requires daylight to produce electricity. Even with dark, cloudy weather, your solar panel will still convert photons from the light to make it energy. Plus, with lenses and mirrors on the panel for reflection, the absorbance increases.

However, please note that with direct sunlight, your panel will harness more energy. The inclination of the panel should face south at approximately thirty degrees.

It Takes Eight Minutes

When standing facing towards the sky, looking directly at the sun is not possible. When you attempt to look, you will have a temporary blinding effect, which will make you shed tears.

However, the sun rays take, on average, eight minutes to reach the earth’s surface. Imagine a walk to your grocery minutes could take nearly the same time with a vast distance between the sun and the earth.

The Longevity of up to Forty Years

When you install a solar panel system in your home, it will take, on average, forty years of service. You could install it in your home, have kids, watch them grow up, and even get grandkids when using the same system. Additionally, you will experience a significant decrease in your electricity bills.

A qualified professional will help you through the installation process. For expert help, go to website on solar power installation. Nevertheless, please note that excess exposure to rain and wind will affect its performance and reduce its lifespan.

A fun fact is the first solar cell with silicon was founded in 1954.

More Efficiency in Cooler Temperatures

You may think that a solar panel works better in hotter areas with a high temperature for harvesting the energy. On the contrary, if you live in a colder area, your panel will function more effectively.

Your Home with a Solar Panel Will Fetch More Money at a Sale

When you are putting up your home for sale, you will get better offers than one without a solar panel. Buyers will quickly recognize the need to cut down utility bills. Therefore, they will open up more to the idea of making an offer on the purchase.

The solar panel could be a photovoltaic panel which works by transforming the sun rays into electric currents. On the other hand, you could also use a solar thermal panel that absorbs energy to heat water like swimming pools.

You Can Sell the Excess Power

The energy that radiates from the sun is more than what we consume. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when you have excess power than your household can use. In some places like the States, you can sell back your extra power to the primary grid. Such a metering connection will help you save money in the long run.

Free and Renewable, Zero Charging Fees

Unlike other energy sources like electricity that you pay for use, the solar panel system has the best alternative – free. You pay no deposit or even monthly charges. All it takes is fees to cover the initial cost of installation.

You will tap the energy all year round at the convenience of your home. Moreover, there is no pollution when using solar energy. Therefore, water, air, and even noise pollution are not current. Plus, you will not need extra fuel to generate electricity.

Store Your Power for Later

Store Your Power for Later

When the electricity goes off, you have no other alternative energy source to run your electrical appliances. Save for charging your phone on your power bank, and you have significant limitations. On the other hand, with a solar panel, you can store your excess power for later use.

The excess power doesn’t have to go to waste. All you need is a reliable, high-quality battery to store the energy later. Additionally, you can also keep the power in solar power banks.

Unlike other types, the solar power bank can charge your large electrical appliances like your fridge.

When you have a solar panel system, you will save a significant amount of money on energy utility bills. Plus, you don’t need elaborate maintenance techniques to ensure it functions effectively. As long as it is clean and you avoid complete overshade, you are good to go.