Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Surrogate Mother

Choosing a surrogate is a massive decision. Due diligence is crucial. You must consider several factors. You should choose a woman with humanity as your surrogate. Thus, don’t just choose any women. Conduct your research first. Consider things like age and health. Connect with the best surrogate at Family inceptions Georgia. Here are the top factors you should consider before selecting your surrogate mother.


Choose a surrogate mother who is within the right age. The primary childbearing age is between 21 and 40 years of age. Choosing a young woman will benefit the surrogacy process. This provides the right atmosphere for the development and delivery of the child. Don’t choose too old women. A young woman can quickly recover after delivery.

Still more, younger women are healthier than their older counterparts. This can hugely benefit the fetus. Plus, old age comes with certain complications such as blood pressure and preeclampsia. These issues are rare at a young age.

Health History

Choosing a young woman is good. However, you should go the extra mile to check the woman’s health history. Check the family history. Certain families have a history of complications such as stroke, diabetes, etc. For instance, if her family has a history of cancer, it can affect the child later on in life. If you want the best for your child, choose a surrogate with an excellent health history.

Also, choose a surrogate who understands the experience of childbearing. Don’t choose a surrogate from a family with a bad history. For instance, if the surrogate’s family is notorious for criminal activities, think twice. Consider also the emotional standpoint of the surrogate. Don’t choose a surrogate with a history of mental-related conditions.


Choose someone willing to do it. Select a surrogate who understands the power of helping others. She should be willing to help others. Remember, the surrogacy process can be challenging and overwhelming. Thus, you need someone who is prepared for the whole journey.

A good surrogate mother should be willing to adhere to your rules. She should obey your wishes. Choose someone willing to demonstrate the willingness, especially when it comes to dieting.

Choose a surrogate who can willingly take hormone injections during pregnancy. She should be willing to attend all doctor’s appointments. A good surrogate mother should know the boundaries. No emotional attachment after delivery.

Key Takeaway

Discuss with your doctor to find the right surrogate for you. Remember, there are several surrogate mothers out there. Doctors understand the industry better. However, you can still find someone you trust. Still more, you can look for a surrogate online. Choose someone who is of the right childbearing age. Ensure that she is healthy. She should be willing to go through the journey of surrogacy.

The Bottom-Line

Surrogacy is quickly becoming a solution for families without kids. Surrogacy makes it possible to raise a family. With surrogacy, many families can now have hope of raising happy kids. Thus, if you desire to have a family but can’t sire kids, look for a surrogate mother. Select the right surrogate with the above tips and tricks.