Eye Makeup for Beginners: Top Tips and Tricks

Have you ever seen a woman walking down the street and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could do makeup like that?” Maybe you loved her lashes or maybe you couldn’t get enough of her cat eyeliner technique. Maybe she used false eyelashes that were very beautiful. 

We are all aware of the significance of eye makeup in overall face makeup. No makeup application is complete without eye makeup.

Whatever it is you love about that look, there are plenty of simple tips and tricks you can use to learn how to apply eye makeup professionally (or at least make it look like you did). 

Many often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not beautify these windows with beautiful eye makeup. Beginners need not be concerned since there are several tips, hacks, and techniques for applying eye makeup that will make the process simple and provide gorgeous, attainable results.  If you’re interested in learning how to achieve gorgeous eye makeup looks, you’re in the right place. Here are a few tips for eye makeup for beginners.

Tip #1: Always Apply Primer Before Applying Eye Makeup

One of the main eye makeup tips that beginners don’t know about is that they should always apply eye primer. Primers, which are available in gel, cream, or spray form, may help to create an even canvas for your makeup application by filling in small wrinkles and blurring big pores. 

Eye primer helps smooth out the eyelid before you apply your makeup. 

After your primer dries, you’re able to apply an eyeshadow base, foundation, or concealer. The primer that’s already on your lid helps the base adhere better and makes your look last longer. 

Tip #2: Practice with a Basic Eye Shadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes can make or break your appearance when it comes to cosmetics. After all, eyeshadow palettes are the wardrobe of the cosmetics industry.

While it can be tempting to head straight for the funky colors and glittery eye palettes, it’s best to stick to simple colors to start with. You’ll want to get the hang of using four basic shades to create a natural look. 

Your eye palette should include a highlighter shade, a mid-ton color, a contouring color, and a matte black. The highlighter color should be lighter than your natural skin and your contour should be a few shades darker.

Tip #3: Use Dotted Lines

When we think of eyeliner, we usually think of clean lines. However, you can actually achieve some pretty unique looks by playing with dotted lines rather than solid ones. 

Dotted lines underneath the eyes can add a nuanced elegance to your eyes. Or, if you use dotted lines on top of the eye, you can use that as a guideline for creating a smooth and connected line when you’re ready. 

Tip #3: Apply False Eyelashes

What many people don’t realize when they’re just getting into makeup is that a lot of the dramatic eye makeup looks involve more than simple mascara. Typically, people have achieved volume using an eyelash extension kit.  

To provide the appearance of longer, fuller, and darker eyelash fringe, semi-permanent fibers called “eyelash extensions” are applied to the individual eyelashes. A semi-permanent glue is used to attach eyelash extensions to each of your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions come in a range of styles and sizes. You can find large, voluminous lashes that are better for big and bold looks. Or, you can find smaller lashes that complement a natural eye shadow job perfectly. 

Tip #4: Tilt Your Head Back

When you go to the mirror to apply your makeup, you probably look at yourself straight on. However, this angle is actually less than ideal for perfectly applying your eye makeup. 

Tilting your head back and looking down is a trade secret for applying eye makeup. Doing so lets you make sure that your eyeliner’s wings are symmetrical and helps reduce the chances that you’ll need to wipe them off and start again. 

Tip #5: Use Your Eyeliner to Change Your Eye’s Shape

Eyeliners are products that are used to add color to the area around the eyes to make them stand out. It is used to draw attention to the eyelids and/or to change the way the eyes look.

Eyeliner is a great tool for anyone applying eye makeup. Not only can it accentuate and darken your eyelashes, but it can also change the shape of your eyes altogether. 

You can use eyeliner only on the inner part of the eye to narrow your eye. In contrast, only lining the outer edge of your eye makes your eyes look longer. 

You can also choose to use eyeliner only on the top or bottom lash. Lining the top of the eyelid enhances the eye, while lining the bottom provides more of a balanced look. Getting an eyeliner embroidery is also a great option for those who are tired of redoing their eyeliner over and over again. Contact Eraliner for a professional eyeliner embroidery treatment. 

Tip #6: Curl Your Eyelashes

Curling the eyelashes is a part of makeup that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but when done right, it can make a big difference.

Curling your eyelashes is a great way of shaping and defining the eye. Many people skip the curl, but this can be a huge mistake. 

To get the perfect curl, start by using your eyelash curler normally. After you’ve already curled it once, invert the curler and curl it again. This helps round out the curl and gives your eyelash a more dramatic shape. A lash curler can help to create the look of fuller, longer lashes, and can be used with or without mascara for a more natural look.

Tip #7: Apply More Than One Coat of Mascara

We’ve already talked about primer for your eyeshadow, and this goes for your mascara as well. Before getting started with your mascara, always apply a primer to help even out your look. 

Once you’ve applied this, it’s time to add a coat of mascara. Let it dry, and then add a second coat. The second coat gives your eyelashes an extra oomph that makes you look irresistible. 

Mascara enhances the appearance of the eyes. It not only darkens but also lengthens and volumizes lashes for brighter, bigger-looking eyes.

Tip #8: Play With Bright Eyeliner

Colorful eyeliner brings emphasis to your eyes and helps every eye color stand out. There is a colorful eyeliner for everyone, whether you’re searching for a brilliant blue to give a summery touch or an electric pink look to keep it playful.

It may seem tempting to use that gorgeous royal blue eyeliner you picked up all over your lid. However, you can add an even more dramatic effect by playing with your colorful eyeliner in just a few places. 

Try applying your eyeliner to just the top or bottom eyelash and using a black, nude, or neutral brown on the other lash. Or, line the inner or outer edge of the eye with a bright color and stick to a traditional black on the rest of the eye. 

Both of these tactics can help give your eye makeup some extra drama. And, they can accentuate different parts of the eye and give you a truly unique look. 

Practice These Eye Makeup for Beginners Tips

Here are some really basic eye-makeup tips and tricks for anybody who is intimidated by the world of makeup.

Now that you have these insider tips on how to do eye makeup, you’re ready to put them into practice! Eye makeup for beginners isn’t as tough as it seems, and by following these little tricks you’ll be able to apply your makeup beautifully. 

While most people emphasize putting on makeup, some people have totally different solutions. They simply go with an eyelid procedure, which makes the eyes look attractive even with light makeup.

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