Everything you need to know about wearing and styling an ear cuff

If you love jewelry, then there is a chance you have experimented with different pieces in the past. One of the things you might have noticed is how many different earpieces are in the market. One of these unique earpieces is the lobe cuff earrings. Having a pair of these is a great way for you to accessorize and look all put together. If you have no idea how you will style it, here are a couple of pointers to guide.

Pick the right size

One of the things you will notice when it comes to ear cuffs is, they can pinch if you do not know how to wear them or get them in a small size. To help with this, you need to know how to pick the right size. You can check out the online store edenraine.com to purchase them and you may also try some of them before purchasing. Since you will be wearing them on your earlobe, you can try them before buying. Place them on your lobe and move them around to see how they will feel. If the cuff feels too tight, move it around to see how it will react to the movement. If it still pinches, it is not your size, and you will need to get a different one.

Look at the design

Look at the design

The other thing you need to do is the design on the cuff. Cuffs come in various intricate designs, and they will also suit you based on a couple of things. Here are some of the pointers on how to pick out the right design for yourself,

  • Look at the color. The one thing you need to do to ensure you get the right jewelry is look at the color. There are so many variations in the market, and all of them will look different on you. If you do not want anything too colorful, you can go for gold or silver coated cuffs.
  • The designs on the cuff. Some cuffs come in a plain design suitable for almost all occasions, while some have patterns drawn on them. Based on how bold of a statement you want to make, you have a choice between those two. Your style and mode of expression are what will determine the design you choose.
  • Stones and pearls. If you are going for a little bit of extra drama, you can go for designs with stones added to them. They might seem intricate, but in the long run, they will look good on you. try them out and see if they fit with your aesthetic before you buy them

These pointers will help you get the right design of the cuff for you.

The outfit

The outfit you wear with your cuffs will make it look good or look like it does not go together. If you plan on wearing them for a special occasion, keep in mind the outfit you will be wearing. It will help you settle on the right cuffs.

Wear it on one ear

One of the mistakes many people make is buying cuffs for both years. Cuffs are not meant for more than one ear, and that is something you need to keep in mind. The asymmetry is what makes the entire ensemble look put together.

With the right lobe cuffs, you will make a statement. The pointers above will act as a guide for you as you pick out your cuffs and outfit. Take your time and pick out cuffs that will look great on you.