Everything you need to know about vaping devices and thier advantage over traditional cigarettes

It’s very rare to find a young adult in Australia who is not familiar with the term vaping. On the other hand, middle-aged adults may not have even heard of the term before, and a majority of them still roll with traditional cigarette and tobacco smoke. When vaping devices hit the market in the early 2000s, they took over the smoking arena by storm.

Buying e-cigarettes from a vape store in Brisbane or Sydney-based was common and even encouraged for first-time smokers. This is because vaping devices were considered and even tested to be less harmful than traditional smokes. After all, they burn less nicotine along with other benefits that are discussed below.

As vaping devices continued to dominate the market, different brands and designs came into being, staying on par with the trend of young adults and enthusiastic smokers. The demand gave way to the market for vaping devices, reaching a total value of 125.14 million dollars as of 2019, with a considerable rise in market worth every year.

How Do They Work?

It is often confusing to wonder how such a small device can be less harmful to the body than traditional cigarettes that have been constantly branded as toxic and dangerous. And the answer is simple: a healthy blend of science and design. Vaping Devices from Smokea have two parts: storage for the vaping liquid and an atomiser that raises the temperature. E-Cigarettes consist of conducting coils that draw power from an attachable battery, capable of drawing power for heating the coils to the point of evaporation. The vaping liquid inside the device gets its temperature raised to the boiling point by the coils, and vapour starts to form. The breathable vapour acts like cigarette smoke and can be exhaled as thick misty vapour as a smoker does. The vapour formed and inhaled contains less nicotine content, and additional flavours are added to increase its preference and eliminate odour formation.

How Advanced Vaping Devices Trumps Traditional Cigarettes

  • As mentioned before, vaping is widely considered a healthy alternative to smoking and the reasons are justified accordingly. The contents of a vaping liquid do not contain toxic constituents that can damage the lungs and puncture them. Furthermore, the liquid doesn’t create any bad odour but instead has a sweet flavour and smell.
  • Since nicotine is what gets people addicted to smoking in the first place, addiction specialists recommend chronic smokers shift to vaping devices to curb the habit of smoking. Due to less nicotine content, people are less likely to get addicted and can even reduce the habit with time if they want. This is one of the reasons why vaping is not frowned upon in society, unlike cigarettes.
  • As if the health factors weren’t enough, people can find numerous designs, colours and flavourings for these vaping devices in a vape store in Brisbane, Sydney, Wales or any other state in Australia. They also come in many sleek and trendy designs that are eye-catching and easy to carry.
  • They don’t have prohibitions or restrictions of use compared to traditional cigarettes. Many types of cigarettes and their chemical contents are banned globally, whereas vaping devices face no such restrictions.

Say goodbye to bad smells, stained teeth, and cracked lips, as vaping doesn’t affect a person’s oral cavity. Considering the demands and trends, vaping as a healthy alternative won’t be going away anytime soon.

Author:  Alison Lurie