Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that consists of implanting pigment into the dermis of the skin. The procedure is performed using a fine tattooing needle inserted and guided by the tattoo artist to deposit the pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. The procedure can be applied to persons with dark or uneven pigmentation of hair follicles, including people with vitiligo or who have undergone hair removal due to burns, disease, or genetic hair disorders.

Moreover, the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips are the parts of the face that receive permanent makeup applications the most frequently. For instance, permanent eyeliner can be used to give the appearance of thicker lashes, while permanent eyebrow makeup can be used to fill in sparse eyebrows. Permanent lip cosmetics can be used to enhance the lips’ color and definition, giving them a fuller, more even look.

Permanent makeup requires a consultation with a qualified expert who will evaluate the person’s needs and preferences. The pigment will then be applied to the skin by the expert layer by layer until the desired outcome is achieved. In order to get the desired results, the technique may need to be repeated in a few sessions. 

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What does it involve?

There are three main types of permanent makeup.


outlined eyebrow

This is the most popular type of permanent makeup. A tattoo artist will use a combination of different needles to produce the desired results. The needles are usually attached to a handheld device and are then used to press ink into the skin. The needles penetrate the surface of the skin and deposit the ink into the dermal layer. The ink deposit depth depends on the needle size and the pressure applied by the tattoo artist.

This portable instrument is used to draw tiny, hair-like strokes on the eyebrow area during the cosmetic process known as microblading. The contour, thickness, and color of the eyebrows can be improved using this kind of permanent makeup, giving the impression that they are fuller and more defined.

The procedure can be painful, depending on the area treated and the sensitivity of the individual. Microblading does not require general anesthesia but does require a local anesthetic. The procedure can take three to four hours or longer to complete depending on the area treated. The procedure is typically performed in the morning to minimize the appearance of any redness in the skin.

The process of microblading typically begins with a consultation with a trained technician, wherein the desired shape, color, and style of the brows are discussed. The technician may also evaluate the client’s skin type, undertones, and natural hair growth patterns to create a customized look.

After the procedure, it’s crucial to adhere to the aftercare recommendations made by the technician. These recommendations may include refraining from using particular items or activities, keeping the region clean and moisturized, and avoiding direct sunlight or water exposure.

Lip blushing

an image of Lip blushing

It is a more advanced type of permanent makeup. The procedure is similar to microblading, but the pigment used is more concentrated, and the needles are longer. The pigment is deposited under the skin in the dermal layer. The needles used are very fine and are passed through the skin to deposit the pigment in the area of the lips. Lip blushing procedure can be performed without using a local anesthetic, or a local anesthetic can be used. The procedure is relatively painless, but the area treated will be sore for a few days, and the color of the area will be darker than the surrounding skin during the first few days. The area’s color will fade over time and will be less noticeable with time.

People may choose to get lip blushing for a variety of reasons. One common reason is to enhance the natural color and shape of the lips, creating a more youthful and vibrant appearance. This can be particularly appealing for individuals with naturally pale or unevenly colored lips.

Additionally, lip blushing can help define and contour the lips, making them appear fuller and more balanced. Some people may also choose to get lip blushing as a permanent alternative to traditional lipstick or lip liner, as it can provide long-lasting color and definition without the need for daily application.

Eyebrow embroidery

woman getting procedure with lines across eyebrow space

It is a procedure used to draw eyebrows on women who have lost them due to trauma, disease, or genetic disorders. It is also used to correct the shape of eyebrows. The procedure is used to fill in areas where hair is missing or to thicken the shape of the eyebrows. The procedure is performed using a tattoo machine to deposit ink into the dermal layer of the skin. The procedure is relatively painless, but the area treated will be sore for a few days, and the area will be darker than the surrounding skin during the first few days.

Once the client approves the shape, the technician will use a fine blade to create tiny incisions in the skin and deposit pigment into the incisions. The result is a natural-looking eyebrow lasting anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the individual’s skin type and aftercare routine.

Eyebrow embroidery can be a popular choice for those looking to enhance the appearance of their eyebrows in a natural-looking way, particularly for individuals with sparse or unevenly shaped eyebrows. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, it is essential to research the qualifications and experience of the technician performing the treatment and the potential risks and benefits of the procedure.  Also check out this eyebrow embroidery course.

Are there any risks?

Although those who want to improve their appearance may find permanent cosmetics to be a practical and time-saving alternative, it’s crucial to remember that the results are permanent and may not be readily removable. The same dangers of infection, allergic reactions, and other consequences apply to all tattooing procedures. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a recognized and skilled artist and carefully adhere to all aftercare recommendations. There is also a risk of asymmetry or dissatisfaction with the final result. Additionally, if the pigments used in the makeup are not of high quality, they can fade to unnatural colors or even change color over time.

While the procedure is relatively safe, some risks and complications may occur. Risks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Temporary redness and swelling in the skin
  • Numbness
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Skin discoloration
  • Scarring
  • Infection

How much does it cost?

In Canada, the cost of permanent makeup depends on the geographical area and the clinic chosen for the procedure. However, the average cost of a procedure is $850 to $1,000. Discounts may be available if the client chooses to have more than one procedure done. A consultation is required to determine the correct amount of pigment to be used, depending on the client’s desired results.

Costs might vary significantly based on the location, the technician’s experience, and the particular treatment being done. Professionals with greater skills and expertise will often cost you more for their services. To ensure that you are paying a reasonable amount for the service you need, it’s crucial to do some research and compare prices charged by several clinics or technicians. Keep in mind that the cost of the initial procedure may not include follow-up appointments or touch-ups, which may be necessary to maintain the results over time.

In addition to the procedure’s initial cost, there can be additional costs to take into account, such as consultation fees, numbing creams, aftercare items, and follow-up sessions. There can be cancellation or rescheduling costs, and some technicians might request a deposit to hold your appointment. When estimating the procedure’s overall cost, it’s crucial to consider all of these potential costs. The convenience and long-lasting benefits of permanent cosmetic operations may be pricey, but many people consider them to be worth the cost.

Who can benefit from the procedure?

Permanent makeup techniques like lip blushing, eyebrow embroidery, and microblading may be advantageous to anyone who wants to accentuate their natural characteristics. These can be useful for people whose physical restrictions or dexterity problems make applying cosmetics challenging. However, some individuals prefer permanent makeup application over conventional makeup application due to its convenience and lasting effects. The decision to undergo these operations is ultimately a personal decision based on the wants and needs of the individual.

Furthermore, permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of the skin. It is used to correct flaws in the skin and can also be used to give the client a more youthful appearance. It is a procedure that can be used in all age groups and is used to improve the look of the skin. The procedure can be used to correct the following flaws in the skin:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dark and uneven pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Altered facial features
  • Loss of hair due to burns, disease, or genetic hair loss

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that can be used to correct flaws in the skin. It can also be used to enhance the skin and give the client a more youthful appearance. The procedure is relatively safe and can be performed at any age.