Every Home Needs Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is one of the essential features in a residence’s kitchen. Being supplied with plenty of space to organize cookware, dishes, beverage containers, and ingredients will allow you to create culinary masterpieces, both during informal and formal meals. If you purchased a home that is lacking much cabinet space or if the cabinets that are present are old and possess a style that is too basic for your tastes, explore options that will guide you in upgrading the cabinetry.

Your Budget and The Cabinet Types

Your budget will have an overall bearing on what type of material or design you choose for the new cabinets. Stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets each fall into a separate category and possess different features. If you are not willing or able to invest a large amount of money into a kitchen upgrade, there is nothing wrong with purchasing some stock kitchen cabinets.

With stock cabinets, you will acquire a basic cabinet design that is functional, and you may be supplied with several wood types to choose from. This type of cabinetry works well for limited budgets but is also the best option for someone who will eventually be selling their home. A semi-custom cabinet will include several more material options, which can be used for each cabinet’s frame and door.

With either a stock or a semi-custom cabinet, you can upgrade the storage space. For example, if you were only planning on staying in your home for a short duration, but changed your mind, you can choose custom hardware, paint, varnish, or stencils, to provide the cabinets with a fresh appearance. There are also dividers that are sold by many kitchen supply warehouses and dividers will allow you to separate the space within each cabinet, to help you better organize your kitchen cookware, gadgets, and dishes.

For a fully custom cabinet design, you can choose the material that will be used to construct each cabinet and can pick the colors that will be used to accent various parts of each storage space. You will also have the option of choosing the design for the inside of each cabinet. If you invest in custom cabinets, choose a built-in lazy susan to store and display spices or small cans of ingredients.

Your Space, Style, And Proposed Uses

Installing a new set of cabinets is not as easy as going to a showroom and picking out a set that you prefer. Even if you keep your budget in mind and select materials that you can afford, you should consider the space and location where the new cabinetry will be installed, the overall style of your home, and the manner in which you plan to use the new cabinets.

Some homeowners choose to have a set of cabinets installed in the area where they will be preparing and cooking food. With this type of setup, cabinets can be installed over an electric or gas range or a counter.

In other instances, someone may choose to have cabinets installed in the corners of a room or over a home bar. If there are cabinets inside of your home that you wish to salvage or if you are having a complete overhaul completed within your kitchen, you may want to choose an alternate space for the new cabinets.

For a bar setup, match the new cabinetry to your personal bar’s design. Woodwork that contains prominent knots and a clear glaze will mesh well with a wooden bar set that frequently tends to be used to serve you and your spouse, plus some of your friends. For a custom cabinet design that will be utilized in this type of setup, request interior components that will allow you to safely store all your stemware, beer steins, and bottled beverages.

Measure the space where the new cabinets will be installed and decided upon a height, width, and depth for each cabinet. If you would like to have trim-work added to the cabinets or if you would like the storage areas to possess a texturized surface or a protective coating, write down the details that will be addressed during the ordering of the cabinets. You can also choose to have lighting built into any type of cabinetry that you choose.

Interior track lighting panels or light strips that are secured underneath cabinets will aid you in finding items needed to prepare a meal or a beverage. Lighting will also help you promote the type of ambiance desired when serving an intimate meal or enjoying some beverages in a relaxed atmosphere. Speak to a cabinet supplier to request information about all of the materials used to construct cabinets and the additional features that you desire, to make your home’s layout functional, attractive, and organized.