Essential Things To Do When Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new house is like a milestone in life. It provides people with an opportunity to start their life anew. People generally have mixed feelings about their new abodes, no matter the reason behind the move. They often worry about settling into an unfamiliar location. Moreover, many have sentiments attached to their previous homes, and they feel emotional when leaving that space.

Finding a place that suits your taste, budget, and location preferences can be nerve-wracking. Once you have found a home, the next phase includes packing belongings and transporting them to the new house, equally challenging.

Many people dread shifting to new homes because they want to avoid the exhaustive work that affects their mental and emotional wellbeing.  However, sometimes it becomes inevitable, and people have no choice but to move into a new house.

Let’s learn about some points that give an insight about the essential things to when you move into a new house:

1. Inspect the Place

An empty house allows you to scrutinize the nooks and corners and bring out the flaws to the fore that furniture often hides behind it. Before the arrival of moving trucks, take time to inspect the house to determine the areas that need some repairing,

You might need to refresh the paint or have broken grills in windows that often get overlooked. Several people use storage units while moving houses and want to bring their belongings to their new place as soon as they receive the keys. However, you must take advantage of an empty home and inspect it thoroughly before bringing things from the storage unit.  Doing a walkthrough will give you an idea if the previous owner has held the promise and taken care of the agreed-upon maintenance.

2. Ensure that Utilities are Running

You cannot live a day without water, electricity, and the internet. Ideally, you must arrange your utility set up a day or two before moving to the new place. On moving day, run the taps and check electricity and gas to verify that they are working.

Ensure that you take care of garbage pickup to avoid a mess in the house. While you can delay your magazines and newspapers subscriptions, you must see that the utilities are set up before bringing your family to settle in the new house.

3. Indulge in Deep Cleaning

Refreshing paint or installing new doors are not the requirements of moving into a new place. However, you must ensure that you bring your furniture and other possessions to a clean house. Check out the nooks and corners and dust them off to clean them off entirely.

The new house might appear neat at one glance. Still mopping the floors and washing the walls before bringing things will give you the satisfaction that you dwell in a place where dust is not accumulating anywhere. You can call professional cleaners to do the job or take a mop and wear your cleaning gloves to do a deep cleaning.

4. Recheck the Delivered Boxes

Do not miss out on inspecting the delivered boxes. Several people think they pack and hand over the boxes to the movers; thus, there is no need to recheck the cartons. Movers were by themselves while transporting your precious possessions, and it is better that you recheck the delivered boxes.

It is not possible to examine every item, but you must go through the contents to ensure that the cartons were not opened in your absence. Moreover, it gives you a chance to recheck if the movers have delivered your belongings in their original condition.

5. Install the Security System

Security is the utmost concern of the modern world. You cannot compromise on your and your family’s safety in any case. If you are not opting for a full-fledged security system, change the locks. Aside from the main gate, change locks for every door.

Several houses are under maintenance before landlords hand them over to new owners. Maintenance workers, such as plumbers, carpenters, or painters, have keys in most cases. Although they give the keys back, you cannot be sure they have a spare one. Furthermore, settling in a new location and getting familiarized with the area takes time. You must keep your security as a preference and install new locks.

6. Unpack the First-day box

Unpacking is as time-consuming as packing. It is not humanly possible to unpack all or important boxes on your first day of arrival. Ideally, you must pack a separate essentials box and keep it handy. If you have babies, it must contain some granola bars, miniature toiletries, chargers, and your child’s related essential stuff.

Instead of waiting for all the boxes to arrive or starting unpacking right on the arrival day, unpack the first-day box. Relax and energize yourself before you indulge in another exhaustive unpacking process and settle in the new environment.

7. Unpack in an Organized Manner

People generally associate packing with moving but miss out on the subsequent unpacking process. Unpacking is equally exhausting and can clutter the area up. Plan the unpacking process, and do it in an organized manner.

Do not open all the boxes at once. Bring labeled cartons to the related room and open them one by one. Set one room and then move to another one to have everything in place.

8. Get Familiar with the Surroundings

Setting the house up is not the only element of moving into a different location. It will help if you get yourself familiarized with the surroundings. Visit neighbors to have an initial chit-chat and initiate a friendly conversation. You can bake cookies or take other things and instill a warm bond with them. However, you must ensure that you do not visit at an odd time and keep the visit short.

Besides, learn the way to a nearby hospital, grocery stores, and schools and get accustomed to a new neighborhood.


Moving house is almost synonymous with packing and unpacking; however, moving into a new home has more to it. People often miss out on certain things as their minds run in all directions, by preparing a checklist aid in keeping track of tasks and saves time.

Setting up a new home is not a one-day job. Still, people need many things right after arriving in a new place. People must ensure that they pack an essentials box, have utilities set up, and are not entirely unaware of the surroundings. Keeping the tips mentioned above in consideration can make settling into a new home a breeze.