Erectile Dysfunction – Two Types of Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men each year. The erectile dysfunction symptoms can be intense or subtle, and they can range from never being able to achieve an erection, to maintaining an erection but never achieving fullness. ED often affects men’s self-image. It can cause partners to question a man’s ability to perform sexually. There is no shame in suffering from erectile dysfunction and there are many treatments to help men overcome this condition. According to The Bloom Aesthetics Medspa experts, Some treatments are more effective than others, and some require a prescription.

Different Causes Of ED

Following are different causes of ED:- 

  • Physical Cause

If ED has been caused by a physical cause, such as a blood vessel or nerve injury, then there are a variety of ways to address the issue. Treatments for erectile dysfunction typically are highly effective and most cases of this condition usually go away within a few months. However, there are also certain treatments for some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction that your doctor may recommend. Surgery such as sildenafil, or Viagra, is often prescribed by doctors. This treatment is effective for erectile dysfunction caused by physical injury and is usually used on patients who also suffer from other medical conditions.

  • Psychological Issues

Other causes of erectile dysfunction include psychological issues, such as stress, depression, or anxiety. Psychological disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia can result in erectile dysfunction as well. These medications that a doctor may prescribe for these psychological conditions have various side effects. Some of the medications may also cause increased blood pressure, and some of them may even change brain chemistry so that patients experience uncomfortable side effects. For these reasons, psychological treatments such as psychotherapy or hypnotherapy may be recommended instead of taking more serious medications.

Another psychological issue that can lead to erectile dysfunction is anxiety. If you suffer from extreme levels of anxiety or if you have problems managing your anxiety, your doctor might advise you to take medications to help you deal with your symptoms. However, because these methods of treating anxiety can be quite effective, it is often preferred to address psychological issues through psychotherapy.

To treat erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues, your doctor will likely give you a combination of prescription medications and psychotherapy. Depending upon how severe your situation is, your doctor might combine these two treatment methods. Your psychological condition will be evaluated and then treated with medications. At this point, your doctor will make lifestyle changes that will help you prevent having future episodes of anxiety or erectile dysfunction, such as avoiding foods or beverages that contain ephedrine, avoiding alcoholic beverages, or quitting smoking.

Issues Faced During Treatment

The main problem with using prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction is that they can be addictive. They also carry the risk of serious side effects, including excessive weight gain or loss, muscle weakness, and changes in blood pressure, cholesterol, or potassium levels. Besides, once you stop taking the prescription drugs, you will likely experience a resurgence of your problem. If you are concerned about the potential side effects of these drugs, your doctor may recommend another form of treatment, such as counselling or therapy.

Some patients turn to herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, which are just as effective as prescription medications. Herbal medications are generally considered safer than prescription drugs because they are made from all-natural ingredients. Besides, herbal remedies carry no serious side effects, so they can be safely taken by most people. Herbal remedies can be combined with other types of treatment to help you overcome erectile dysfunction and regain your confidence.


Erectile Dysfunction affects about one per cent of men in North America. If you experience an inability to get your erections firm and strong enough during your regular sexual activities, it is important to visit your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. It’s important to keep these health issues in mind when considering treatment options. Although erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and frustrating, it typically does not cause any long term problems. Most people that experience ED has other underlying health conditions that need to be addressed before they can address their erectile dysfunction problem.