Enjoy The Ultimate Vacation With A Maui Private Jeep Tour

For those who want to have a vacation like no other, Maui private jeep tours tours offer scenic drives along the beach and into the woods. The best part about hiring a Jeep for a day is that you get to take it all by yourself. No, one around you is necessary and you can enjoy the great outdoors undisturbed. There are plenty of companies in Maui that will help you plan your dream vacation, complete with everything from meals to entertainment to sight seeing.

For example, one of Maui’s most popular attractions is the Na Pali Coast, which is the perfect place to explore the native Hawaiian culture. Guided Jeep tours of this area offer scenic Jeep rides up and down rocky trails, along the waterfalls and along the shoreline where visitors can swim and snorkel and participate in a variety of activities. Many of these tours also include lunch, which is included in the overall cost. Other attractions include Ancient Hillman carvings, the Na Pali Coast State Park, and the historic Willemstad Waterfalls.

Another popular activity during private Jeep tours in Maui is hiking. The waters of the Napali Coast offer some of the most beautiful hiking scenery in the world. The main trekking areas run along the shoreline, but there are also many trailheads that lead to beautiful waterfalls and other scenery. Some of the waterfalls, such as the Wailua Falls, feature naturalized rock facades for better viewing. The Wailua falls are also popular for their limestone caves and scenic overlooks.

One of the best things about hiking in Maui is the fact that it is completely off the beaten path. The easiest way to explore the waterfalls and other landscape features in the area is with a Jeep; you will never be lost. Unlike other destinations, you do not have to worry about getting lost when taking a hiking trip with a private operator. Many of the more popular hiking spots in Maui are wheelchair accessible; the majority of the waterfall destinations are wheelchair accessible. Hiking can be an extremely relaxing activity that allows you to take full advantage of the beauty of nature without having to worry about getting lost or experiencing the frustrations of uneven terrain.

If you would prefer to tour the more remote areas of Maui, there are plenty of Jeep tours available for you to choose from. One of the best parts of taking a Jeep tour on your Hawaii vacation is that you can stop and go at any time. Most of the hiking trails on Maui are long and requiring a great deal of traveling in order to see all of them. However, if you wish to spend more time exploring the island, there are several daytime tours available to you. These tours generally last about two hours and allow you the opportunity to explore all of the lush foliage and landscape of the island. The afternoon and evening tours are also quite popular among those who are looking for a bit more adventure on their trip.

While many people choose to use the numerous waterfalls, geysers, and mountain streams as back country travel opportunities, others prefer to go off the beaten track and explore the top areas of some of the most spectacular Maui vacation spots. By taking private Jeep tours, you will be able to bring a friend along or go it alone; either way, you will have an amazing vacation. When you take one of these tours, you will find that the flora and fauna of the area are quite varied; from lava rocks to native plants, there is something to please everyone. Some of the most popular places to go on private Jeep tours in Maui include Mo’ohea Springs, Wailua River Canyon, and Hell’s Gate, all of which offer spectacular scenery, spectacular panoramas, and amazing opportunities to photograph nature in their natural glory.