Energy Saving Features to Look For In an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have been around for years but their features keep on improving. As you consider purchasing one or upgrading yours, you should be on the lookout for energy-saving features.

As you do your research you will notice that features vary from one model to another. Also the amount of features and how energy efficient a model is can significantly increase the purchase price too. 

Why Energy Efficiency is So Important

One thing that many new aircon buyers forget to consider is the ongoing cost of running their new AC system.

Many people simply look for the cheapest model they can buy with the lowest cost installation and they think they got a bargain. 

However, this is only the beginning. The ongoing costs of running your air conditioner will continue for the life of the unit which could be up to 10 years or more.

Hence it is worth doing proper research to ensure you are buying an AC unit that is energy efficient to reduce your ongoing running costs for the years ahead.

Expensive models and those with high SEER ratings tend to me more expensive, but the running costs will be lower.

Choose a High Quality / Trusted Brand

As you compare products you may be tempted to go for a lesser known brand. Maybe they are a brand new manufacturer and they claim to have better performance stats than a more popular brand, but at a fraction of the cost.

While this sounds great, you have no idea on how reliable the brand is. If this model keeps breaking down and does not actually live up to the claims of the performance as stated, then it will end up costing you more than you expected.

For this reason it is best to go with a trusted high quality brand.

Ensure Proper Installation

If your new air conditioning system is installed poorly it can decrease the energy efficiency of the uint, which will end up costing you more to run it. For this reason you must choose an experienced aircon installer to properly setup your new AC system.

Look for an AC installer who has a proven track record in your area with rave reviews. By finding the company you want to do the installation first, they can often get you a great deal on your new air conditioning system as they have access to wholesale prices.

Also, take note of the following energy saving features when choosing your new system.

Automatic Fan Delay Switch

If you switch off your air conditioning unit and it shuts off immediately, you lose the remaining cool air. It is left in the system which means it is not useful.

With the automatic fan delay switch, you use this remaining cool air. The unit runs for some time to circulate this air. 

Thermal Expansion Valves

As the air conditioner is running, the temperatures must be comfortable. At the same time, it should be energy efficient. This is to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. 

To do this, it must increase and decrease the flow of refrigerant as required. The best way to do so is to make sure the unit has thermal expansion valves. 

Temperatures will be comfortable as the air con will automatically control cooling as needed. 

Variable Speed Motors

Your air conditioning system will have different needs at different times. There are times that it will need to cool the space more, while at other times, less cooling is required. 

Variable speed motors run at different speeds under these needs. The feature maximizes airflow efficiency as per the requirements. 

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to cooling systems and that is the reason this feature is a must check. 

Programmable Timers

Minimizing the use of an air conditioner is one way to lower your energy bills. With programmable timers, you can do this.

You schedule an automatic start and stop of the unit as per the cooling requirements of your home. Once programmed, you do not have to worry about switching it off. 

Energy-Saving Setting

Just like other energy-saving features, the energy-saving setting is important. It helps in conserving energy. 

When the air conditioner is turned off, it switches off the fan and the compressor. This is after you have cooled off the entire space. 

Two-Stage Cooling

This feature is important in systems that their compressors come with high and low cooling outputs. It means that it operates depending on the demands of the space to be cooled. 

If it is operated on the low cooling output, it will minimize energy consumption. This is unlike when it runs on the same output throughout. 

Choose Energy-Saving Features to Reduce Power Bills

Having more control of your air conditioner is paramount as this is the only way you can save on power bills. There are different features and you can choose them depending on your needs.

Two-stage cooling, programmable timers, automatic fan delay switch, thermal expansion valves, variable-speed motors, and energy-saving settings are some of these features. You should check them as you purchase your new AC system.