Electric Bikes for a Better Future – You Decide!

Technology is our present and future as it has tremendously impacted our lives and changed them for the better. We are talking about nearly all aspects of life here: education, medicine, entertainment, and sporty activities for a better lifestyle.

Additionally, numerous technological advancements have completely changed transportation in today’s modern generation – changing how people and things travel the globe. The creation of quicker and more effective transport has been one of technology’s most significant effects on transportation. The invention of bikes, automobiles, aircrafts, and high-speed trains has significantly shortened travel distances, allowing people to get where they’re going more swiftly and conveniently over the years.

However, due to the pandemic, walking and cycling were more popular in 2020. Numerous governments all across the world have promoted the use of bicycles and foot travel as alternatives to crowded public transportation. Some, like Netherlands and Denmark, have even invested in extensive cycling infrastructure to support these objectives. (1) 

Although bike manufacturers and retailers noted an increase in bicycle sales and cycling overall during the pandemic, there are still plenty of people who may not feel fit enough to pedal far, have a long commute, or live in hilly areas. For these individuals, electric bikes (also referred to as e-bikes), have proven to be a desirable option because they make cycling more convenient.

black e-bike parked beneath the bridge

An electric bike is a motorized bicycle with an electric motor built into the frame that aids in propulsion. There are many different types of e-bikes out there, but they may be divided into two main groups: pedelecs, which help the rider’s pedal power, and power-on-demand bikes, which incorporate moped-style functionality.

In some markets, the usage of e-bikes is expanding because they are viewed as an environmentally friendly, healthier alternative to cars, fossil fuel-powered mopeds, small motorbikes, and a less strenuous alternative to traditional bicycles. (2)

Take electric bikes offered by specialty stores like Tope-bikes.com and Scooteretti, for instance. You might have already seen a couple of these zigzagging through the streets. And with Christmas just around the corner, you might be thinking about some fantastic sporty ideas for your friends and family. Let’s see whether the electric bikes are worth the hype they are receiving.

Also nicknamed e-bikes, the electric bikes are also a great adaptation in the face of keeping the globe free of pollution. This transportation mode is also suitable for elderly citizens, who fail to keep up on trips with their family and friends because of their lower energy level. The best electric bike for seniors UK allows you to travel up to 45 km/h, which is impressive as it keeps you active as well. Simply put, electric bikes are free of pollution, are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and have mandatory health and physical benefits.

Pedal Assist

Electric bikes come with the feature of assisted biking. Technically, this part of the e-bike is powered by a battery effectively integrated within the cycle to provide a pedaling boost.

One of the primary characteristics of e-bikes is the pedal assist, which makes riding much simpler and more effective, especially when climbing hills or covering longer distances. By giving the pedals more power, the motor can lessen the effort needed to ride, enabling individuals to go farther and faster than they might be able to do on a traditional bike.

Pedal assist is a technology that uses a motor to help the cyclist when they pedal and is frequently used on e-bikes. Depending on how much effort the user is putting in and chosen on the e- bike’s control panel settings, the motor can offer multiple levels of assistance. It’s crucial to keep in mind that e-bikes are made to be used with pedal assistance and that the motor is frequently insufficient to propel the bike forward on its own.

Subsequently, the knees and thighs of the body go through less stress. No more sweaty rides indeed! There are also electric bikes that incorporate effective boosting technology, which makes riding uphill the easiest task on the planet. That said, you won’t have to worry about challenging terrain with the e-bike anymore.


Have you always been watching out for the tad bit of extra oomph while riding your bicycle at high speed? Electric bikes are specifically made to provide the riders with that extra oomph. This means that you can travel miles with the least paddling effort. This is also one of the main reasons e-bikes have gained massive popularity as people are willing to switch their cars, favoring the e-bikes.

The electric bike framework bears a close resemblance to the ordinary bicycles with the subtle addition of the integrated battery, of course. This means that in contrast to the bicycles, the e-bikes are more flexible, durable, and you are prone to have a great adventure with the e-bikes.

E-bikes can be used in a variety of ways, which is one of the factors contributing to their growing popularity as a form of transportation. Some of the elements that affect how flexible e-bikes are listed below:

  1. It has an electric motor that provides additional help, they can be ridden by persons who might not be able to ride a traditional bike because of physical restrictions or a lack of stamina.
  2. These are incredibly versatile and may be used for a variety of tasks, including commuting, running errands, leisure riding, and touring. Additionally, they are appropriate for riders of all ages and levels of fitness.
  3. E-bikes have a higher top speed than conventional cycles, making them a quicker and more effective form of transportation, especially in cities.
  4. It can be customized with features like fat tires, suspension systems, and waterproof components to accommodate a range of terrain types and climatic situations.
  5. They can often travel up to 50 miles or more on a single charge, allowing riders to cover longer distances without worrying about running out of power. 

From rough off-road trails to city streets, e-bikes are often made to be adaptable and manage a number of varied terrains. Also, they can be modified with various accessories and parts, such as cargo racks, fenders, lights, and suspension systems, to make them better suited for particular applications and environmental circumstances.

Improved Fitness

According to health and fitness specialists, electric bikes are just as good as regular bicycles. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective way to shed those extra pounds and have fun by doing it. Then, the electric bikes might be just the right fitness tool for you.

Despite that the e-bike includes assisted pedaling, it is still amazingly beneficial for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Did you know that going out for a walk every day keeps us active while keeping us mentally healthy too? We need to catch some fresh air every day, and hitting the roads with an electric bike can add spice to your fitness ventures. You have to think out of the box to understand that e-bikes allow for more than simple fitness.

Physical activity levels have been demonstrated to increase when using an e-bike. Since they are made for longer excursions, e-bike users in seven European cities used 10% more energy per week than other bikers. (3)

E-bikes can also serve as a form of exercise for people who find it difficult to exercise for an extended period of time (because of an injury or excessive weight, for example), as the bike enables the rider to take short breaks from pedaling and gives them confidence that they can complete the chosen path without becoming over-exhausted or putting undue strain on their knee joints; in some electric bikes, it is possible to adjust the level of motor assistance according to the terrain. (4)

A University of Tennessee study shows that the energy expenditure (EE) and oxygen consumption (VO2) for e-bikes are 24% lower than those for traditional bicycles and 64% lower than those for walking. The study also mentions that uphill stretches are where e-bikes and bicycles diverge the greatest. (5)

Several people also claimed to have dropped a significant amount of weight using an electric bike. Yet, a recent prospective cohort study discovered that e-bike users have a higher BMI than those who ride traditional bikes. Those who would not otherwise contemplate biking can use the electric help when needed and otherwise cycle as they are able by making the biking terrain less of an issue. Although doctors frequently advise using a stationary bike in the early stages of cardiac rehabilitation programs, e-bikes can also be a valuable addition to these. Exercise-based on cardiac rehabilitation programs can cut coronary heart disease patients’ mortality rates by about 27%. (6) 


Suppose you want to be an active participant in keeping our planet healthy and free of pollution. In that case, getting an e-bike is probably the first practical step for it. Besides this, even the used bikes for sale will also save you loads of money in the long run. The prices of petrol and diesel can rise up anytime. The price surges can severely impact one’s budget, mostly when one is dependent on fuel consumption. With e-bikes, you can travel long distances with quite affordable batteries. It is also nature-friendly.

E-bikes are zero-emission vehicles since they don’t produce combustion byproducts. Hence, it is still essential to consider the environmental impact of producing and distributing electricity, as well as manufacturing and recycling batteries. E-bikes have emission rates several times lower than motorcycles and cars, yet they produce similar amounts of pollutants per kilometer as buses do. Even after accounting for these problems, e-bikes are still considered to be more environmentally friendly in urban settings than cars due to their much lower environmental effect. (7) 

Of course, there are ways to lessen the impact that battery charging has on the environment, which makes e-bikes excellent candidates for solar or other renewable energy source charging; due to the smaller size of the battery pack compared to the larger pack used in an electric vehicle. Sanyo took advantage of this opportunity by constructing “solar parking lots,” where e-bike riders may charge their machines while they are parked beneath solar panels. (8)

Some local authorities are using e-bikes, and other electric/human-powered hybrid vehicles due to their environmental credentials, such as Little Rock, Arkansas, with their Wavecrest electric power-assisted bicycles or Cloverdale, California, with its Zap e-bikes. Chinese e-bike producers, like Xinri, are now collaborating with universities in an effort to enhance their technology in accordance with global environmental standards. This effort is supported by the Chinese government, which is eager to increase the export potential of e-bikes made in China. (9)

According to a recent study comparing the environmental effects of different modes of transportation, e-bikes are: (10)

  • 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit
  • 13 times more energy efficient than a sedan
  • 18 times more energy efficient than an SUV
  • Of about equal impact on the environment as a conventional bicycle.

E-bike Manufacturers and Brands

In addition to the global EV market’s expansion, the electric bike market is booming. Research-based statistics indicate that the market for electric bikes was valued at $40,312 million in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to 118,657 million by 2030. (11)

Electric bikes play a vital role in the increasing GDP of European nations and the world at large. Statistics indicate a 23% rise in sales of nearly 3 million electric bikes in 2019 over the previous year. Since 2019, this trend has been accelerating; by 2025, it is expected that 6.5 million e-bikes will be sold. According to some experts, sales of electric bikes will rise by 85% in the following years despite the current pandemic. (11)

Here is the list of the top electric bike (E-bike) companies in the world:

  1. Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft 
  2. Harley-Davidson, Inc. 
  3. ZERO CO., LTD. 
  4. Lightning eMotors, Inc. 
  5. Energica Motor Company 
  6. Giant Bicycles 
  7. Yamaha Motor Company 
  8. Bosch Limited 
  9. Merida Industry Co. Ltd. 
  10. Damon Motors Inc.


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