Effective Techniques To Help Children Learn How to Dress Themselves

For most parents, it is essential that their child learns to do basic tasks, such as getting dressed, dealing with personal hygiene, and even learning to cook. Of course, every task the child achieves is both a cause for celebration and a step closer to your child not needing you. 

Being a parent can be very conflicting!

The real trick to getting your child to dress themselves is to get them interested in it, this is surprisingly easy and allows their natural curiosity to help them learn the right process. 

It also helps to speak to your chosen child care facility. They may have basic requirements that need to be fulfilled before your child can stay with them. Or, they may simply be able to help with the process.

Show Them How To Take It Off

The best way to get your child interested in how to put something on is to show them how to take it off. For example, pulling a shoe off is very simple and your child will instinctively try to put it back on. It’s unlikely they will succeed but wanting to is half the battle.

Lead By Example

If you want your child to put on a t-shirt, do it with them. Simply take a t-shirt each and slowly slide it on. Your child will find this much easier to follow than a list of verbal instructions. 

Front & Back

It is essential that children learn which is the front and back of any item of clothing. The best approach is to encourage them to find the labels. This is the back of the garment and, identifying this will make your child feel great. 

Keep It Simple

Children are eager to learn but they have a limited vocabulary range. It is best to use simple words and keep them short. State what is happening at each step of the process and your child will find it easy to copy you.

Go Large

We have all been there, that t-shirt that is a little tight, or the trousers that are reluctant to do up. Don’t make it harder for your child than it needs to be. Choose clothing that is several sizes too large. This will make it much easier for your child to dress themselves.

Don’t Rush It

The time to practice getting dressed is when you have plenty of time to spare, not when you have to leave in seconds. Your child is unlikely to do well if pressurized and, a failure to achieve it can be disheartening. In fact, it has the potential to slow down the learning process as they may feel disheartened. 

Let Them Sit

When you are trying to put on clothes your child will find it much easier to sit on the floor or a step. This removes the need for them to balance while they are doing it. 

Don’t forget to make it fun and laugh off any issues. Children learn best when something is fun, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can get dressed by themselves.