Easy Pour Everything

When I was baking the other day I wondered why salt comes in an easy-to-pour container, but nothing else does. Someday I’m sure this will change, but until then, I decided to make my own. You can use this for sugar, spices, flour, baking soda, or any other “granular” ingredient. This makes it easier to pour into measuring cups. It’s especially helpful when using just a small amount of the ingredient (Cake in a Mug, anyone?). Plus, it makes me happy when I see it in my cupboard. Here is what I did:

What you will need: salt container with an easy-pour spout, scrapbook paper (you can also use wrapping paper or fabric), alphabet stickers.

1. First you will need to empty the container. You can either pour the salt somewhere else, or wait until you use it all. If you need to get rid of the salt quickly, you can use it as a cleaning product see (Using Salt to Clean), add food coloring to it to make salt art instead of sand art (see Salt Art Craft), or make play dough (see Recipe for Making Homemade Play Dough).

2. You can easily remove the metal spout part of the container to empty out all of the salt. You can clean it out with water and then let it dry if you would like.

3. Cut the scrapbook paper so that it’s height measures the same as the height of the salt container. Then wrap it around the container and tape it in place.

4. Using the alphabet stickers, label the container.

5. Use a funnel to fill up the container with the ingredient.

That’s it! You can reuse it over and over. I hope this was helpful!