Easy Meals for Kids with ADHD

If you’re a mother struggling to cope with your child’s ADHD, you may already know that providing nourishing meals can be an important key in managing the disorder. However, planning and preparing foods that help ADHD can seem like a challenge for busy moms. With that in mind, here are some simple ideas for each daily meal that place an emphasis on foods shown to help control this disorder.


It can be a smart move to start the day off with nutritious foods to help kids focus. Did you know that oatmeal is one of the best food choices for helping your child’s brain function properly? With oatmeal, your child will not only get a brain boost, but he or she will benefit from the fiber, vitamins and minerals that make this grain such a healthy breakfast option. Serve a bowl of blueberries on the side for an additional cognitive kick.


At lunchtime, keep things simple by serving your child a satisfying soup or tasty sandwich. Bone broth is full of amino acids, which have been shown to increase immunity and improve memory. Use it as a base, then add vegetables, legumes and pasta for a filling entrée.

For sandwiches, instead of mayonnaise try using avocado as a spread. Not only is this tasty fruit packed with healthy monounsaturated fats to regulate blood sugar levels, but it’s also rich in vitamins that promote attentiveness. Avocado goes well with many types of sandwich meats, from turkey to roast beef, and it can be mashed to a smooth consistency or left chunky for a bit more texture.

Midday might also be the right time to incorporate other products that help control the disorder, such as Brillia for ADHD. Supplements that have been formulated to reduce symptoms can be a smart addition to your management plan.


By the time dinner rolls around, you’ve put in a full day and are probably looking to keep meal prep as easy as possible. Grilling or pan-frying a piece of salmon is a simple option that will continue to provide the optimum brain nutrition you’ve been adding into each of the day’s meals. Salmon is easy to prepare, and all it needs is a squeeze of lemon on top before plating.

For side dishes, most experts recommend that vegetables should be your go-to when it comes to providing nutrients without excessive calories. Some even pack an extra punch when it comes to cognitive function. Broccoli, for example, is a top choice for combatting ADHD; this cruciferous plant’s high vitamin K content has been shown to benefit mental acuity.

Incorporating nutritious foods that have the added perk of boosting focus into every meal can be a simple way to help manage your child’s ADHD. A combination of healthy fare and alternative medicines can have a big impact on controlling this challenging disorder. Seek out recipes that incorporate ingredients known to promote brain health, then check online for the safest and most effective supplements to include in your daily ADHD-management plan.