Do’s and Don’ts of Family Portrait Photography

Each photography deal is important for the photographer and the family or person who hired the photographer. It’s quite easy to get perfect pictures at a birthday or wedding event. However, getting a perfect happy family portrait is a bit tricky. Even if the adults know to look natural and presentable, kids keep messing around. Everyone gets tired and the pictures do not come out as expected.

If you are planning to get a bunch of family photographs, you have to hire a professional photographer and prepare the plan. By preparing for the photo session I mean, doing and avoiding a few things. Want to know what you should do and what you should avoid getting the perfect family portraits?

Do’s and Don’ts of family portraits photography

Here are the Dos;

  • Wear matching outfits
  • Practice, practice, and practice
  • Hire an experienced professional photographer
  • Be different
  • Do plan ahead
  • Use meaningful Props and accessories
  • Choos the photographer
  • Plan on what to wear
  • Choose the scenery
  • Have fun

3 women and 2 men sitting on green grass field during daytime photo

Wear matching outfits

If you search for family portrait ideas on google, I bet all the family portraits you would see have a few things in common. One of those things will be the family wearing the same colour or matching outfits. Therefore, even before hunting for the right photographer you have to contact a designer and get the matching outfit for each member of the family.

Practice, practice, and practice

As stated above, it’s quite hard to teach kids to pose. Therefore, if you do not want that day to be stressful, practice with kids. After a few attempts, the kids will be ready for the day.

Hire an experienced professional photographer

Since family portraits are going to be hung on the wall for ages, it has to be perfect in every way. Who can take a better picture than a photographer? Therefore, hire an experienced professional photographer for the job. You might have to pay a few bucks but it will be worth it.

Be different

The time has changed, the stiff formal family portraits are no longer in fashion. You can do some informal family poses and act natural. The more natural and differently you will pose, the better the family portraits would be.

Now here are some Don’ts;

  • Take pictures unprepared
  • Ask a naive person to capture family portraits
  • Get stressed out
  • Don’t overcrowd your photo
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative
  • Don’t force anything
  • Don’t take pictures without make-up on

Man in white t-shirt carrying girl in pink dress photo

Do Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important advice to remember. To accomplish this, pick a time and place that works for everyone and come up with some ideas for postures or pictures you want to take. In order to know what you need to bring with you on the day of the shoot, it can also be good to scout out your area beforehand.

Use Meaningful Props And Accessories

From sentimental family treasures to special toys or objects, families have a variety of distinctive artifacts that might be used in family photos. Your family photos can get a lot of individuality and interest from these, adding to their appeal as a keepsake for years to come.

Choose The Photographer

Your family can always make an appointment with a skilled portrait photographer if you have the luxury of time. Only your attire for the event needs to be considered; the photographer will take care of the rest.

The portraits can always be completed by oneself. If a friend is willing to hold the camera for you, just take the initiative in offering directions. If no one else is available to press the shutter, consider employing a reliable old-timer. You have plenty of time to pose, get ready, and maintain the smile with digital cameras, which can record for up to roughly 20 seconds.

Plan On What To Wear

Nothing is shabbier than a family portrait where you are next to well-dressed parents and looking like a rag doll. Nobody else should strike out in your view. Make sure everyone is dressed casually if you opt to wear formal attire. Coordination of the colors is also necessary. Strict adherence to a single, distinct motif when dressing, whether that be in monochrome, contrast, or the same color. This will convey harmony and unity in print.

If you choose a less somber portrait, using outrageous colors is acceptable. For instance, just make sure that everyone is wearing swimsuits if you plan to pose on the beach.

Change The Scenery

Dare to be unique. Unless you specifically choose to go in this path, family portraits are no longer stiff and formal like they were in the Middle Ages. Try different stances, crouch, lie down, jump, go high or low, and be wacky! You’ll be surprised by how unique your photos come out if you take them while driving, bungee jumping, on the beach, or doing anything unusual.

Have Fun

The family photo session may be anything you want it to be, formal or informal, and both can be so much fun! Allow each person’s unique characteristics to come through in your family portraits for pictures that are sure to make everyone smile. You may take some wonderful family photos that will last a lifetime by incorporating your family in the process and getting creative.

Take pictures unprepared

Do not just plan and ask someone to click pictures. Dress up, put makeup on, and look presentable. Get your family photographed when each member of the family is prepared.

Ask a naive person to capture family portraits

Asking a naive person to capture a family portrait would not only be tiring but disappointing as well. Save your energy and hand over the job to a skilled and experienced person.

Get stressed out

The more relaxed and natural your expressions would be the better the family photographs would turn out. Prepare well and leave the rest to the photographer, the family portraits would surely be worth-admiring.

In brief, If you want your family portraits to come out perfect, hand over the job in the right hands, get matching outfits made, and practice well. Avoid asking a naive to take pictures, getting photographed stressed out and unprepared.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Photo

It’s important to avoid overloading your images while taking family portraits. Go for stances that don’t place people too far apart from one another and provide enough room in the frame for everyone. Moreover, make an effort to limit the number of distracting things in the background of your picture.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

When it comes to family pictures, there is no right or wrong way to capture those unique family moments. Don’t be scared to use your imagination while taking family pictures; experiment with postures and accessories. The goal is to attempt something new and enjoy yourself while doing it, whether that entails utilizing natural lighting or playing with various clothing.

Don’t Force Anything

The most important factor in family picture advice is that everyone is comfortable and at ease. The finished image will reflect any discomfort or self-consciousness the person may have experienced. You can take a few minutes to talk with your family and make them feel comfortable rather than forcing a smile or a pose. The rest will fall into place once everyone is feeling well, and you’ll be able to get some amazing family photos.

Don’t Take Pictures Without Make-up On

Tell your family members to at the very least wash their faces and put on some makeup if you want to take close-up pictures. For men, lip glosses and blushers will do; for women, eyeliners, blushers, and lip colors. Pick for a natural look unless you’re wearing formal attire, in which case women should use complete makeup and males should enhance their features with powder, foundation, and eyeliner. Although you can hire specialists to complete these tasks for you, asking Mom to do them is the simplest option.


The article offers some dos and don’ts that might help you take beautiful and memorable family photos after evaluating many areas of family portrait photography. Your family portrait will look fantastic if you follow the dos and avoid the don’ts.