Does Your Child Need a Psychologist?

Psychology has been around for quite a while in the modern western world, with its clinical practitioners working hard to help humans solve a lot of issues they have with their mental state. Issues that range from eating disorders and addiction to depression and even suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Unfortunately for many parents out there, these issues are in no way reserved only for adults. Many children can suffer from psychological issues at very early ages. Unless these problems are dealt with early on, they will just get worse through adulthood and really cripple an individual’s capacity to learn, love and experience the best out of life.

Taking your child to see a child psychologist is an incredibly terrifying proposition. As parents, you hope and wish for the best, and you do whatever you can, moving the heavens and earth to ensure that your child is safe, happy and healthy. Though sometimes despite your best efforts, your child may still need professional help. Here are a few of the critical signs that your child may need to see a psychologist.

Signs That Your Child May Need to See a Psychologist

Teenage girl talks to school counselor

Difficulties at Home and School

Most children are going to have a few challenges at home and school. Though for issues that go beyond a few minor outbursts or a fit of the silent treatment because they didn’t get their way, you may start to notice serious problems developing. For instance, behavioural issues at school with your child involved in fights, especially as the bully, can be a significant tell-tale sign. If they’re having outbursts at home and aren’t acting like the kid you recognize, something may be going on that you simply cannot fix on your own.

Isolation from Friends and Family

Some children take on solo habits and enjoy playing alone instead of with friends. Though as a parent, you will be able to observe the differences between a child wanting to be left alone, and in a child actually being alone. Children that withdraw entirely from their friends, and their family, may be going through some trauma that you do not recognize. A child psychologist is a professional in this area and will be able to help.

Always Sad and Worried

Is your child sad a lot? Do they worry about adverse outcomes? Children thankfully have a series of mechanisms internally that allow them to process information without focusing on the dread. Most children do not grasp what’s going on around them, and so they’re not eaten alive by depression and anxiety, like many adults. So if your child does start developing this sort of sadness and worrying nature, it’s a sign that something’s wrong and that they need to seek some help.

Developed Self-Destructive Behaviors

This sign is one that everyone is aware of, in terms of children needing to get help. Children who have destructive behaviours have experienced some sort of trauma and need a way to have it diagnosed and challenged. These behaviours could include hurting other children or animals, fighting with the family, setting fires, using bad language, etc. For girls, especially, these destructive behaviours can rear their ugly heads in the form of eating disorders. If you see any of these behaviours developing, you know that it’s time to seek help.

Focuses on Dread

Dread is something no one wants to experience. It’s a feeling like life is nothing but a slow, painful walk along a tight rope, as you’re waiting for something to drop on your head. It’s day after day, thought after thought, of believing something terrible is inevitably going to happen. It sucks the joy out of life and leaves people living on pins and needles. Unfortunately, some children do start to develop a sense of dread. If you recognize this in your child, understand that it’s not some normal phase. They may need professional help.

Always remember, no matter your child’s experience, there is qualified, professional help out there for your child. No parent has to go through this alone. If you recognize any of these signs, please contact the professional doctors today.