Do you want to increase the security of your front door?

Here are some inexpensive ways to tackle that

The news of someone going through the bad experience of having their home broken into leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and may leave you wondering what you would do to protect yourself. The problem is the perception that you need to break your bank account just to secure your home – for instance, purchasing security cameras. Padlocks are also the best solutions for security of your front door you can prefer.

You do not need to study break-in statistics extensively to know the importance of securing your home from the front door. Many approaches exist that will assist you to upgrade the overall security, especially with the most common issues. However, you do not need to spend a fortune just to upgrade your security. Here are some ways that promote security while remaining affordable.

 Deadbolt your door

 Deadbolt your door

You may not know this, but statistics show that about 34% of burglaries were through burglars entering through the front door, while 22% enter through your back door. That is scary news, but it also gives you a great place to start beefing up your security – begin upgrading your doors.

Among the most effective and affordable methods of doing this is installing a deadbolt. However, do not decide to go for the cheapest ones you can get – make sure you invest in a quality one that will last for years. In addition, remember to use them at all times and circumstances, even during the times you are away.

Multi-point locking system

Consider switching from a regular lock to a multi-point locking system if you want to increase the security of it. Three locking points plus the fact that multi-point locking systems are installed inside the door make it more difficult to tamper with them. One of the most secure front door locks is thought to be one of these locking mechanisms. In essence, the more levers an intruder has to pull before entering your house, the better!

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt Closed Locking Mechanism Metal Bolt Close

Installing a deadbolt lock is another excellent approach to increasing the security of your front door. In contrast to other locks, deadbolt locks don’t have spinning components like the spring mechanism seen in typical locking systems. Instead, the door is shut securely using this type of system because of an additional metal bar (the bolt), which slips into position. Make sure your front door is compatible with this style of door lock because it works best with wooden doors, steel doors, or fiberglass doors.

Smart locks

Smart locks have gained popularity as a front door security solution as a result of the development of technology. These locks can be designed to automatically lock as soon as you leave your home or property and can be operated via cellphones. They are therefore a very safe solution.

Double cylinder locks

Double-cylinder locks are locked on both sides, therefore in order to unlock them, the homeowner would need to be able to use both inside and outside keys. This kind of door lock has the benefit of adding an extra layer of security against break-ins, making it one of the most secure door locks you can purchase.

Strengthen your door hinges

The strength level of door hinges may seem insignificant to the promotion of security, but they are also a common cause of easy break-ins, aside from weak or non-existent deadbolts. The good news is the current standards of building require companies to install proper hinges and screw them in using longer screws, both on the interior and exterior doors.

However, many of the screws on hinges are ¾ inches in length, and these have a problem with durability. In fact, many people will have issues because those screws will regularly fall out over time as they continue using their doors. The best screws to go for are between one to three inches. This is because they will fasten the hinges firmly into the studs that frame the door, assuming the door itself does not have structural issues.

Make sure the door itself is strong

Building regulations dictate that exterior doors need to be strong – in fact, they need to be stronger than interior doors. However, when your door is hollow inside, regardless of what the external material is, it is easy for someone to break in.

Make sure the exterior doors are all solid – completely. That means they should not contain any sign of hollowness. Solid wood doors are much better at maintaining security compared to hollow core doors – unless the intruders want to axe your doors to get in.

In addition, do not put decorative windows on your front door – they have fewer levels of security even though they look great.

Be aware that the intruders can pick locks

Even though the exterior doors are impenetrable to exterior forces, there are other risks that can happen due to other factors. For instance, using a lockpick can allow them to unlock the door and enter your house. There are no screws that can save you at this point, so some extra suggestions according to total protect home warranty guidelines include installing locks that are only opened from within.

Locks that you can open from inside have many options. This includes a one-sided deadbolt that lacks outer keyholes. Latches and chains can also help, as well as three-inch door locks. Some are easier to install than others, but they will add a layer of security because you can only open them one way.

Another method would be installing a barricade. They prevent the door from opening in the event it gets unlocked, and they hold the door shut as well, providing extra strength when someone tries to kick through. Swinging or sliding doors, on the other hand, can benefit immensely from portable or temporary barricades.

Reduce or remove sightlines

Burglars do not suddenly decide to break into a home – they tend to take time in observing the layout first, as well as studying the weaknesses extensively before they strike. One major weakness is deciding to leave large windows without a covering – that is just asking for would-be burglars to case your property and prepare well.

Stop this from happening by blocking all the views. Install new made to measure blinds or curtains on your windows, and always remember to not keep your most valuable items on or near the window. In addition, keeping the curtains or blinds drawn when you are away or sleeping will make it harder for a thief to determine if you are at home or not.

Maintain some general human presence

Contrary to popular thinking of most burglaries occurring at night when you are asleep, actually most of them occur between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when you think about it, it tends to be at the hours when people are away at work.  A pro-tip is to check out and look at automatic garage door options.

This does not mean you quit your job and stay in your house all day – you can make the most of what you have and create an illusion of human presence during the day. For instance, you may set the TV to turn on at random hours of the day, schedule your housekeeper or landscaper to do their work during the hours you are out or have a car parked in your driveway.

Enhance your lighting

This is an overlooked step, but it is surprisingly effective when you want to reduce criminal activity, in addition to being very affordable.

One of these is installing lights in areas of the house that are dark or have shadows, especially outside. Others include installing motion-activated lamps, installing plug-in timers that automatically switch the lights on when you are away or at night, and purchasing cheap sensors for the lights.

Upgrade Your Home Security System

Implementing a security system serves other purposes as well. That works well as a barrier. Consider installing a system that covers all points of entry if your front door is not the only way into the house.

There are numerous options available when selecting a front entrance security camera. We advise choosing a security camera with HD recording. Every potential burglar can be quickly recognized in this way.

Doorbell cameras are becoming more and more common. This is because they have the capability to record people as they enter and exit. Often, a video doorbell may be accessible via your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your entrance-way while you’re away from home.


1. Deter Burglars – Burglars frequently search for simple targets, and a front door that is securely fastened is a strong indication that your house is not one of them. You may prevent robbers from targeting your home and safeguard your goods by enhancing the security of your front entrance.

2. Increase safety – A secured front door not only safeguards your belongings but also makes your home safer for you and your family to live in. Your anxiety over possible break-ins can be eased by knowing that your home is well-protected.

3. Reduce Insurance Costs – Many insurance providers provide discounts to homeowners who adopt security precautions for their homes. You can be qualified for a lower insurance rate if you install a deadbolt lock, a door reinforcement kit, or security cameras, which will ultimately save you money.

4. Enhance Home Value – A safe front door can raise the value of your house. A secure front door is a desirable feature that can boost the appeal of your property to future buyers in addition to bringing you greater security and peace of mind.

5. Improve Energy Efficiency – By keeping your home insulated and minimizing drafts, replacing your front door with a more resilient and energy-efficient choice, like a solid wood or steel door, will help lower your energy expenses.

Final thoughts

There is no strategy that will burglar-proof your home completely, but these are basic measures you can start off with. What makes them even better is their simplicity and affordability – you do not need to break your bank account just to have them.