Discover the top event items every planner need

Event planning has many perks for people, especially for event planners. Every day brings a new challenge for them, with even more excitement. Many event planners become successful over time, but they need to keep up many factors.

If you happen to be passionate about event planning, then prepare yourself for a few things from a ticket management system to an event tracking software. Consider event planning as a sacred practice, which needs love and care. While planning an event, you may be unaware of what will happen next despite making plans forever. Every occasion has a level of spontaneity to it that will catch you off-guard.

So, what to do when something unusual happens? Do not worry; there is always a solution to everything. Be it a wedding you plan or cover a birthday party; it is still good to be on the safe side. Luckily, some dedicated planners have it all covered. They have discovered some top event items that come handy during planning events.

If you are curious to know about these items, then stay put. These things are a must-have for you and your event. Without them, covering an event can be quite a challenge.

Let us not wait any longer and get to the point. Here is a list of the top event items every planner needs.

1. Portable restrooms

No matter which type of event you are planning, the guests will certainly need a restroom. Not having a toilet nearby can be troubling for everyone. As a planner, you should be well-aware of that. Nowadays, you can efficiently utilize portable restroom rental services for your event. Portable restrooms are super convenient to use. You can rent them for any upscale events or simple shoots on remote locations as well.

2. Mini toolbox

Events are prone to small disasters or mishaps. If you have a mini toolbox, those mishaps will get covered within no time. Mini toolbox works as a safety kit for event planners. It helps in preparing you for the worst while organizing an event. Maintenance staff will be hard to find at times, which leaves you with a toolbox. Try to equip your toolbox with screwdrivers, hammers, nails, zip ties, etc. It will work as a quick-fix solution to any maintenance related problem.

3. Over-the-counter medicines

While discussing the must-haves, it is essential to stock up on some over-the-counter medication. These will not only be useful for you but your entire team and guests. You never know who might fall sick during the event. That is why keeping some necessary medicines will be beneficial for everyone. Some medications to stock up on will be for diarrhea, migraines, flu, cough, and cold. Since they are over-the-counter remedies, they will hardly have any side effects. Also, your guests and team members will thank you for such a wise move.

4. Tech Gear 

It should not even come as a surprise. It would be best if you always took all tech gear along, such as laptops, smartphones, high-speed Wi-Fi, etc. Since event planning requires a lot of calling and texting, having a power backup for your tech gear is necessary. Your gadgets need to be fully charged up, just like your brain would after working long hours. Similarly, you may have to travel a lot during event planning, and having a portable power bank will be a stress-reliever.

5. Emergency Kit

Being a planner, you will need multiple little things at the eleventh hour. That is why there is no harm in keeping an emergency kit with you. This kit should hold all the necessary items that you may need during an event. Consider this a must-have thing as it will take the burden off your shoulders. Here are some things that you can pack in your emergency kit:

  • Scissors

  • Pencils

  • Pens

  • Tape

  • Loose paper/notepad

  • Clorox pen

  • Contact numbers of vendors

  • Torch

  • First-aid kit

6. Sunscreen

We know about the importance of wearing sunscreen, even at night. The same goes for you, mainly if you are covering outdoor events. As a planner, you will have to go back and forth to the venue. You will need to wear sunscreen at all times, or you will harm your skin. Just keep a travel-size sunscreen in your bag and wear it before heading towards the venue.

7. Protein bars

Event planning can be exhausting as you will be covering mostly everything by yourself. While managing the event, you will hardly get time to grab a bite. Amidst the chaos of event planning, consume one or two protein bars. A protein bar will work as a fantastic refreshment, charging you up to run the show. It will provide you with enough energy, filling you up till the food gets served.


These top event items are necessary to consider while planning things. There is nothing better than staying prepared, and these items help in running a successful event. So act wisely and do the needed to smoothen the event planning process. Acquiring all of these event items is proof enough that you are on the right track.

What are you thinking about now? It is time to plan a flawless event with the help of the items mentioned above!