Discover The Most Common Causes Of Tooth Decay

Your adult teeth start arriving from the age of six upward and are usually all present by the time you are 12-14 years old. The exception is your wisdom teeth that don’t usually arrive until after your eighteenth birthday.

While this gets the pain out of the way early, it means you need to look after your teeth, they have to last a long time! Taking care of them means brushing twice a day, flossing once, using mouth wash, and visiting a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Ballan at least once a year.

However, it can also help to know your enemy. By understanding the main causes of tooth decay you can alter your behaviour and reduce the risk.


Sugar is the biggest catalyst of tooth decay. In short, if you never ate any sugar you would dramatically reduce the likelihood of tooth decay occurring. Unfortunately, sugar is present in most, if not all, foods.

When you eat sugar it reacts to the bacteria already in your mouth. The two compounds create acid. It is this that attacks the enamel on your teeth. It can take a long time to damage the tough enamel on your teeth. However, once it is damaged the bacteria can easily slip inside your tooth, attacking the dentin, pulp, and root. The result is a cavity, followed by an abscess. It can even lead to tooth extraction.

The Role Of Plaque

However, sugar is not the only thing that you should blame! While sugar and bacteria combine to make acid, this acid is actually a sticky substance, known as plaque. The sticky substance adheres to your teeth. It slowly attacks the enamel on your teeth. However, it can take hours for it to have any effect.

That’s actually the good news. If you brush properly and regularly you are likely to remove the plaque before it creates a problem. It is only when plaque stays on your teeth that it can start to cause issues with tooth health.


We’ve already mentioned the importance of regular tooth maintenance. Without this, your teeth will quickly be covered in plaque and you will start experiencing tooth decay.

Brushing for two minutes every morning and evening can make a substantial difference, effectively preventing tooth decay. Of course, regular dental visits means you’ll spot any issues early and can get them rectified with the minimum of damage.

Poor Alignment

Another great reason to visit your dentist is that they will be able to see if your teeth are misaligned and help you sort them out. This is not uncommon. Your dentist can offer braces and other dental solutions to resolve bad alignment.

It will improve the look of your smile and your confidence.

More importantly, it will remove the gaps where food debris can hide. Hidden food debris will react with bacteria and increase the likelihood of issues, including tooth decay.

Don’t forget that poor alignment can be a result of grinding your teeth or trauma. If you suspect either get your teeth checked.