Different types of shutters you can use for your windows

Windows are an element of the house that is both functional as well as decorative. They bring a sense of openness to the home and make it look visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing from the outside.

Decorating windows from the outside is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up a home and revamp the look. To decorate a window from the outside, shutters are a great option.

Other than enhancing the look of your home, shutters add an extra layer of security as well.

By installing window shutters, you can effectively regulate the amount of light entering your space, promoting an ideal atmosphere for productivity and relaxation. Additionally, shutters serve as insulators against heat and cold, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and helping you save on energy bills.

Durable and low-maintenance, window shutters are perfect for those who seek a practical yet stylish finishing touch for their windows.

Moreover, shutters protect against the weather elements. If you reside in a storm-prone area, installing shutters safeguard your windows from breaking due to any debris. The shutter is also effective in blocking out the sun. In the afternoon hours, you can close the shutters and block the sun from heating your home.

There is a wide variety of shutters to choose from, plantation shutters, panel shutters, and cut-out shutters; each shutter serves a different purpose and has a distinctive look.

1. Panel shutters

Panel shutters, an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, are functional and aesthetically pleasing window treatments that offer excellent benefits. These versatile shutters consist of a solid, flat surface that is attached to the window frame or casing, and are designed to pivot on hinges. 

Panel shutters can be made from various durable materials such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum, and are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors to complement any architectural design. 

In addition to providing an extra layer of insulation and energy efficiency, panel shutters effectively block out light, noise, and weather elements while enhancing privacy and security.

There are two types of panel shutters; raised and flat shutters.

Raised shutters have a raised wooden panel in the front which creates a layered look. These shutters look more formal and are suitable for cottage-style houses.

As the name suggests, flat-panel shutters do not have the layered effect and are made of a single layer of panels. These shutters have a clean and simple look. They work best to block out the sun and protect the windows from the elements, like UPVC windows.

2. Board and batten shutters

Board and batten shutters are a timeless and versatile addition to any home, offering a unique blend of charm and functionality. These shutters not only create visual interest but also provide excellent protection against harsh weather.

Boards are the most popular option for shutters as they are easy to make, and you can even DIY board shutters at home. These shutters consist of multiple vertical boards held together by battens that are smaller horizontal boards.

Board shutters can be shaped to fit arch windows as well.

These simplistic boards are solid, hold well against strong winds, and are perfect for homes with rustic decor.

3. Plantation shutter

Plantation shutters are the best shutters to use for a home in subtropical climates. If the weather is hot and humid for most of the year, these shutters can help improve your home’s airflow.

Designed originally for the grand estates of the Old South, plantation shutters have evolved over time to become an iconic and practical decoration in modern homes. They offer not only excellent privacy control and light filtration, but also act as an insulator to help maintain optimal room temperature. 

Available in various designs and materials like wood or vinyl, plantation shutters can be customized to complement the existing décor and architectural elements of any space.

The plantation boards have large slats that can be closed to block the sun. Moreover, these shutters pair well with any house design, from contemporary to rustic barn design, owing to their timeless look.

4. Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters have numerous small tilted slats that do not move but enable the breeze to flow in and block the sun. The slanted setting of the slats blocks the view inside the house, improving your home’s privacy.

Their unique design, articulated by slats angling either vertically or horizontally, provides exceptional control over light, airflow, and security. Equipped with the ability to fully manipulate the angle and direction of their slats, louvered shutters can expertly manage the balance between outdoor exposure and sanctuary-like seclusion.

Louvered shutters are best suited for Victorian and classical architectural houses.

5. The Bahamas and Bermuda shutters

These shutters have similar slats to the Louvred shutters, but the only difference is that Bahamas shutters are fixed on the top instead of the side from hinges. Bahamas shutters open by pushing them from the bottom.

They are one of the most sturdy shutters on the list and are apt for storm-prone areas.

The Bahamas shutters are typically hinged at the top, allowing them to swing out and lock in place, effectively shielding the windows from debris and storms, while still permitting sufficient airflow and light. 

Conversely, Bermuda shutters are hinged on the side, offering more flexibility in adjusting the angle of the louvers during varying weather conditions. 

Overall, these shutters not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also provide a practical solution for those residing in coastal areas prone to unpredictable weather patterns.

6. Exterior rolling shutters

These shutters consist of horizontal slats made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel, which are hinged together to form a sturdy barrier that can be manually or automatically rolled up and down as per your requirements. 

Serving as an essential addition to windows and doors, these shutters provide unparalleled security, insulation, and protection from environmental elements such as harsh weather conditions or unwanted noise. 

Exterior rolling shutters offer unparalleled privacy and energy efficiency by blocking out sunlight, effectively reducing heat gain during warmer months and heat loss during colder periods.

Besides the type of shutters, one has to choose the materials for the shutters. The shutters can be carved from many different materials like wood, composite wood, vinyl, and aluminum.