Different delicious MBS foods

Marina Bay Sands ( abbreviated as MBS) is located in downtown Singapore and is one of the top resorts in Singapore. A large number of visitors from all over the world are visiting downtown Singapore to have a look at the various popular tourist attractions. Most of the tourists feel tired and hungry after their sight seeing. Since they do not usually carry their food with them, they would like to find out which restaurant is offering delicious MBS food for lunch, dinner or whenever they feel hungry. They would also want to get more information on the different kinds of food available and their prices. Some of the foods which are available at one of the top rated MBS restaurants is discussed below.


Before ordering the main dishes, most people prefer to have some appetisers. The restaurant has a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers to cater to the requirement of their customers. Visitors who prefer vegetarian food can opt for lettuce salad, spinach salad with sesame dressing, mushroom salad or noodles. Avocado sushi rolls are also available. Seafood lovers can choose from a variety of appetizers with scallops, oysters,octopus, prawns or have prawn sushi rolls. Meat lovers can choose between beef and pork dishes, and most appetizers using Japanese recipes.

Main course

The main course consists of mainly seafood and meat dishes which are reasonably priced with the grilled cauliflower steak the only vegetarian dish. Steamed sea bass, pan seared tasmanian salmon, smoked sea cod, saigon pepper prawns, smoked sea cod, and whole lobster with truffle, sushi rice, pumpkin are some of the seafood dishes which are available. Most of the dishes are costing less than $55, except the lobsters which cost $128. Meat lovers can choose between different dishes like roast chicken, braised duck, BBQ pork, lamb chops and cast iron ribeye. All the meat dishes are reasonably priced at less than $70.



Vegetarians can opt for the side dishes which do not contain seafood or meat. Steamed jasmine rice is priced at only $7 per plate. Sauteed broccoli is prepared with garlic and sesame oil. Mushroom lovers can opt for a dish which combines shimeji mushrooms, with sweet green peas, lily bulbs, cashew nuts. The Bombay potato dish uses garam masala, cumin, mustard and is popular among Indians. Other than the jasmine rice, all the sides are priced affordably at only $15 for a plate. The restaurant also has a separate brunch menu where a wide variety of dishes are available.


Depending on his or her appetite the visitor can choose between small, medium or large portions of the chef’s selection of desserts. The portions are priced according to the size, with prices ranging from $28 for small to $68 for large. Visitors can also choose specific desserts based on their personal preferences. Cheesecake lovers can have mango cheesecake which includes almonds and pistachios. Cheese and white lotus mousse are also available. Hazelnut brownie, triple chocolate sin, and ice cream with sorbet are other deserts. While ice cream is priced at $15, other deserts are costing $20 each