Deep Cleaning Your Home Effectively In 4 Steps

Regardless of how much of a clean freak you may be, your home tends to accumulate dust and grime over time that can only be driven out with a deep clean. If the thought of initiating a deep clean may seem overwhelming to you, you should consider breaking down all the necessary tasks into smaller steps that are manageable, and do not cause you as much stress as a full-fledged deep clean would.  Given below is a similar breakdown for deep cleaning your entire home in five steps:

1. Pull a Marie Kondo on your home

Marie Kondo is synonymous with decluttering homes and adapting a minimal lifestyle, and that is exactly what you should be doing before starting a deep clean regimen. Any visible clutter or unwanted items taking up space in your home need to go either in the trash or at your nearest Goodwill depending on its condition. Any old appliances, broken furniture, outdated paperwork, and unnecessary items that you have hoarded over the years need to be eliminated for you to initiate your deep clean with a clean slate.

2. Tackle the heights first

Your deep cleaning regimen should ideally start from the highest point in your rooms, working your way downwards. For instance, you should be starting with cleaning hard-to-reach and high surfaces before you make your way to the floors and carpeting. Ceilings, ceiling fans, AC ducts, curtains, and light fixtures should be at the top of your list when you start your deep cleaning regimen. Higher surfaces tend to only gather dust and dirt and seldom do they gather grease. Hence, you are likely to get done with this step in a matter of hours.

3. Focus on the floors

Once you have tackled the heights in your home, it is time to divert your attention toward the flooring in your home. Floors tend to accumulate a ton of dirt, grime, and grease over a period and can be pretty difficult to clean. While tiles and baseboards can be cleaned by yourself using dedicated products, carpets would require professional attention. If you have carpeted flooring in your home, seek the services of a professional Carpet Cleaning firm to deep clean them.

4. Wipe down your windows

The windows in your home can be a pain point as they gather the most dust and dirt in your home out of all surfaces. Your windows are constantly exposed to the external environment and hence deep cleaning them is an important step in your deep cleaning regimen. To start, vacuum all window sills thoroughly followed by wiping the window pane using a glass cleaner. You also need to pay attention to any attachments around your window that gather rainwater and clean them accordingly.


Whether this deep cleaning is simply an annual tradition, or an attempt to spruce up your home for holiday guests, the above-mentioned four steps encompass most of what an ideal deep cleaning regimen for your home should be made of. Decluttering, and cleaning the ceilings, windows and flooring essentially complete the major steps involved in deep cleaning any residential property.