Dealing with a Lazy Teenager

Every parent and guardian wants their child to grow into a responsible adult. But as children transition from childhood to teenage, they become a rebellious lot. And you are not careful, they can drive you nuts. The problem is that they don’t like to be corrected even when it’s clear they have made a mistake. Now that most schools have closed due to Covid-19 pandemic, you would expect them to help their parents in their daily chores. But they don’t. The majority of them do nothing except watching TV or UWatchfree and playing video games. Then there are those that spend countless hours chatting with friends on their smartphones. If you don’t act fast, such a child can grow up to be the most irresponsible adult. The other problem is that inactivity causes them to gain a lot of weight which in return puts them at risk of contracting certain diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.  Here are things you can do to tame your lazy teenager.

1. Set the Boundaries

Some parents believe they were made to work because their parents didn’t love them. On the contrary, they actually did. If you don’t set the boundaries in your home, your child will do whatever they like as there will be no consequences. As a parent, you should let the child know that you are the one who calls the shots. By this I mean you are the one who decides the dos and don’ts. And you should not mince your words. Once you make a rule, make sure it’s observed without compromise. For instance, you should dictate when they can watch TV or play video games. Remember, too much of TV kills their creativity and tolerance.

2. Assign Duties Every Day

Research shows that most kids are lazy around the couch because they don’t have anything to do. Even when the schools are closed, make sure you assign your child some tasks that will keep them preoccupied during the day. In fact, you should draft a duty roaster and pin it in their bedroom so they know what they are supposed to do immediately when they wake up in the morning. For a start, let the child clean his bedroom and make the bed. Other duties that can be assigned include cleaning the laundry, bathroom and dirty dishes in the kitchen. They can also clean the floor of the living room and wipe the windows.

3. Monitor their Company

A child’s behavior is usually influenced by their peers. If your teenage child has suddenly become lazy, there is a possibility that he is spending time with other lazy teens. You can tame such madness by discouraging them from spending time with lazy buddies and encourage them to hang out with active teens who take initiative. That way, they will not throw tantrums when you assign them duties. For the best results, make sure they spend most of their time outdoors.

4. Offer Rewards and Punishment for Defiance

When a child has refused to follow your instructions, you should experience the negative consequences. You can let them have it by grounding them such that they will not be able to watch TV or go out for a specified number of days. But when they successfully finish all the tasks assigned to them, you should appreciate their efforts by rewarding them with either of the best gifts for 14 year old boys. The ideal gifts are those that encourage them to be on the move such as bicycles, backpacks and board games among others.