De-Stress at Work: 5 Fun Ways to Help Your Team Relax

Stress-free jobs are hard to come by these days. Even if you love your job, there are likely times it stresses you out.

With the demands of work, a completely digital culture, and our emphasis on productivity, it is no wonder than so many people feel burnt out.

This guide will go over some healthy and fun ways to reduce stress at work and create a less stressful workplace.

Love your job again and rest easier knowing you’ve built in some time at the office to unwind.

1. Focus on Wellness

Employees who are healthier and well-rested are always more productive. Treat your team to some much-needed relaxation with a company like Prairie Rehabilitation who focuses on physical therapy services and wellness.

If you provide regular access to wellness treatments, time off, and relaxation opportunities throughout the day, your employees will feel rejuvenated, healthier, happier, and more eager to work.

2. Group Activities

Group fall team building activities are a great way to have a little fun at work. These activities don’t have to be the traditional team-building like trust falls either.

A group activity can include regular lunch outings, group fitness classes, a running club, in-office yoga, happy hours, or even family activities.  You can also look for games for smart people as well.

3. Provide Healthy Snacks

If your only option for a snack at work comes from a vending machine, you’ll likely lose steam throughout the day.

High-quality, fresh and healthy snacks can be a great source of energy. If you can provide healthy snacks, you’ll be giving your employees access to some much-needed fuel.

Everyone works better and feels better when they aren’t hangry. Stress eating is always tempting when there are unhealthy snacks around.

Did You Know?

Eating nutritious snacks throughout the day while working will help you stay energized and productive. As office workers tend to munch on something on a busy afternoon, make sure that healthy work snacks are high in fiber and low in sugar. Here are other interesting facts about healthy snacks.

three apples placed on a table

  • Did you know apples are way more effective and keep you on the clock and awake than coffee? Since apples are packed with 13 grams of natural sugar, they can help your sleepiness lesser. Yes, caffeine in coffee stimulates the senses but does not energize the system. In the case of apples, our system digests this fruit slowly, so the natural sugars in apples provide long-lasting energy for the body. Best of all, we can eat an apple every day. There are no side effects associated with it. Apples cannot cause headaches, heart palpitations, or tremors! 

dark chocolate

  • Did you know that avocados can also save you from restlessness? Bananas aren’t the only fruits that contain potassium. Avocados have twice as much potassium as bananas and are high in monounsaturated fat, which makes them easier to burn for energy. Green-tipped bananas are healthier than overripe bananas. Bananas are high in sugar and normalize insulin levels when eaten with protein. Piling up some fruits on the desk counter is a good decision to keep your team still on a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Did you know that dark chocolate with no milk and sugar comes from milk chocolate? This healthy type of snack is high in cocoa content, making it more nutritious than regular chocolate. Moderate consumption of dark chocolate, which is high in cocoa, provides antioxidants and minerals that can help protect against heart disease. So, if your team craves something sweet, stock on dark chocolates.
  • Did you know nuts are common triggers for food allergies? While nuts are a better choice for a healthier snack than chips, learning about food allergy triggers may be useful. About 1% of the population has nut allergies. Hazelnut and peanut allergies are particularly prevalent, but almonds are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. So, if you plan to make nuts part of the healthy snack list, ask your team members about their allergy history first. 

4. Allow For Some Flex Time

Flexible working time may be just what your team needs to feel rejuvenated and energized. While it may not be feasible to allow team members to work remotely all of the time, you might consider making flex time an option in the summer months, on Fridays or before big holidays.

You can also provide a few flex hours that employees can use as they wish. This can be just time off or time spent working out of the office.

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to reduce stress.

Meanwhile, if you’re running a healthcare facility, you can seek help with locum tenens to provide temporary coverage and allow your permanent staff to take advantage of flexible working options. This way, you can accommodate your employee’s personal needs and promote a healthier work-life balance.

5. Institute a Digital-Free Time

It can be really stressful if you always feel like you need to be plugged in. From emails to conference call invitations, there is a constant barrage of stress on technology.

To help employees feel less stressed, institute some parameters around communication. When people are out of the office respect that and don’t email them. After hours, urge employees to save emails, calls, and texts for the next business day.

Reduce Stress at Work for a Healthier Office Environment

Work can be stressful. Luckily, there are a few small changes you can make to help reduce stress at work.

By providing some downtime and flexible workspaces, you can do a lot to reduce the amount of stress felt on a daily basis.

For more health tips, visit the health and beauty section for more great wellness resources.