Dangers of NOT Replacing a Missing Tooth

A good number of people miss a tooth or more worldwide. When the missing tooth(teeth) is not replaced, it could be more devastating than you may think. Many people tend not to mind a missing tooth if it does not pose any immediate discomfort to them, and of course, unless it is to enhance their appearance.

But that is not the case as it could result in more serious conditions such as bone loss, low self-esteem, gum disease, and a total change of the face.

Like any other part of the body, the teeth need utmost care. Dentist Arana hills advises patients to get intervention before things get worse as soon as they notice a change in their teeth.

Bone loss or bone resorption

The teeth are held in place by the jaw bone and the gums. The constant chewing of the teeth helps keep the bone stimulated.

Therefore, on account of a missing tooth, the stimulation is reduced and eventually may be lost, leading to bone resorption. The gap left also becomes an attractive breeding ground for bacteria, causing gum disease.

Loss of facial muscle tone

As the jaw bone dissolves, the face sags because your facial muscles no longer have much support. You would begin to look quite older than you seem. Furthermore, you would naturally shift more chewing and biting to the rest of your teeth following a loss of a tooth, putting more pressure on them and causing them to shift.

In the process, you may have teeth misalignment as you are forced to chew or bite in a particular manner which may result in constant headaches and even loss of more teeth, further aggravating the situation.

Inability to consume certain food

You may wonder why you have certain dietary insufficiency even when you consume as much food as available for your present state of dental health.

Well, missing a tooth comes with certain limitations, such as not being able to chew properly and relying solely on soft food, which may not meet your dietary needs. Therefore, it is important to replace a missing tooth before you miss out on essential nutrients.

Low self-esteem

Unfortunately, having people stare at your missing tooth could be embarrassing, but such things draw attention even without asking for it. Many people who opt for tooth replacement often do so to fix their broken smiles and gain back their confidence.

Speech malfunction

There are certain words that you may no longer be able to pronounce well because of a missing tooth. A speech malfunction could change your whole life in a way not so pleasing. People would have difficulty interacting with you as you may sound incoherent to them.

In conclusion

To avoid more damage in the future, you should tackle a missing tooth with urgent medical care. Get in touch with your dentist to enlighten you on the best ways to go about a replacement for you. A healthier set of teeth makes you come alive in ways you can not imagine.