Dab the Right Way With These Tips From the Experts

Dabbing is a unique method for traditional smokers to experience cannabis. This is performed through a dab rig, with the primary difference being that you are smoking and consuming different concentrates, as opposed to dry leaves or substances. Before you just right in with a fresh rig, it is important to consider a few tips from the experts.

Good Cleanliness Practices

It is important that you always practice cleaning habits. You want a clean rig to ensure that your dabs and the smoke are as clean and pure as possible. You want to clean your rig frequently, as bacteria, resin, and residue will affect the taste of your dabs over time. Keeping a dab rig clean will also ensure that it is well maintained, allowing it to perform consistently and as expected over time. It is a good habit to clean the banger or compartment where you put your concentrate after every session, cleaning the entire rig which takes much longer may be done less frequently over weeks or even months, depending on how often you use your rig.

Heating For The Appropriate Time And Temperature

Heating your banger nail at the right temperature is crucial to getting the best dab. You need to be careful because if you heat the banger too much, you will notice black soot start to form. This is not something you want, as it will negatively impact the flavor. If your banger is too cold and not heated at a high enough temperature, you won’t be able to maximize your dab or get enough out of your pull. The ideal temperature is also a variable to consider if you are a beginner, as some people will prefer a hotter dab, while others a cooler one. When you get a new rig or are testing the dab for the first time, you should start at a lower temperature and work your way up to see what you prefer.

Timing Your Heat Application Or Using A Measurement Tool

The reason that you want to time your heating properly is to get the correct temperature that is ideal for your dab. This might vary depending on the type of torch you are using, as well as your rig. Using a temperature reader can be beneficial for many beginners, as you can essentially take out the guesswork when it comes to timing how long you heat for, at least until you get the hang of using your torch.

Choosing Your Rig And Accessories

Before you start dabbing, one thing to consider is the equipment that you will use. Dab rigs will come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These all impact your smoking experience. You might prefer something more portable, in which case a smaller-sized rig is appropriate, whereas if you only smoke at home, you might prefer a larger or even intricate one. Each design will also change the ability for concentrates to vaporize, as well as the smoothness of your dabs. Of course, prices will range, so you will also need to consider your budget for your hobby.

Titanium, Ceramic, Glass, Or Quartz

Along with choosing the perfect rig for you, both in terms of functionality and personal preference for aesthetics, you should also consider the material of your rig, its different components, and the accessories you purchase. This is because different materials will have varying costs, impacting your budget, as well as having different safe heat levels. This is key to ensure that you are consuming in safe practice, with your accessories not breaking, melting, or otherwise affecting the concentrate, which would alter your consumption, as well as may be detrimental to your health. Consider this when you are looking at different accessories.

Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls

A great way to increase your enjoyment and experience when using your dab rig is through pearls. Using a pearl in your banger can help disperse your oil evenly throughout your entire dab. In order to do this, you need another accessory in the carp cap, which in conjunction with the pearl, will spin and cover the entire surface area of the nail, maximizing the effectiveness of your dab. These are additions to your rig that you can implement in order to get the most of your concentrates. This also means you will have less to clean up.

If you are serious about smoking and your dab rig, you should be considerate about everything involved in the process. This will help maximize your dabs and ensure that you are not wasting. This is especially important since you will likely be investing quite a bit of money into it.