Crafting with a sewing machine – for beginners

Starting any new hobby can be difficult but few are as rewarding as sewing. With so many skills to cover, sewing for beginners may seem like a daunting task with so much terminology and neverending stitches to learn but do not fret. We are about to cover some of the basics so you start with confidence. And you can also click the link to buy the best quilting machine online.

Learn The Lingo

What better place to start than with the terminology. Even if you don’t understand what a lot of it means, remembering some of the words can help you get to grips with sewing. Save some of the names for things in a note on your phone so you can refer to them whenever you need it.

Create A Comfortable Space

Sewing projects can take hours to complete, especially as you grow in confidence. This is why it is important to find an area of your home that you can make comfortable for sewing. It starts with a sewing chair and a dedicated table where you can remain at a comfortable distance sewing. This may seem like basic sewing for beginners’ advice but it is one of the most valuable.

Buy A Quality Machine

Even the most reputable brands make reliable sewing machines for beginners. For articles and lists of the best for beginners, go to Love Sewing as they have extensive lists and reviews that can help you make an informed decision.

Learn How To Use It

So you have the gear and now you need an idea of how to use it properly. Most machines come with a handy manual and some even include an instructional DVD. Still, the easiest way to learn for a lot of people is by using instructional videos on YouTube.

Gather Supplies

You won’t get far with a machine and a bit of thread. A lot of brands include the basics with their machine but in case you are caught without some supplies, make sure you have a tape measure, needles, sewing scissors, straight pins, sewing tool kit, threads, rotary cutter and mat, bobbins, iron, rulers, fabric, and a tracing wheel.

Master The Needle

Most sewing machines tend to work in the same way which is why it is important to learn the best way to insert and remove a needle so you can switch between projects without poking yourself (although this is going to happen at some point).

Adjust The Tension

The tension determines how loose or tight the stitches will be so be sure to select the right tension for the current project and material. There is nothing worse than finishing a long project only for the stitches to be too loose.


You know how tricky this can be with hand stitching but a lot of modern sewing machines make the process much easier with automatic threading. Although this takes the strain away it is important to learn how to thread the needle just in case. Also, be sure to select the correct needle for the task as some are built to get through thick layers of denim whilst others are more suited to intricate materials.

Go At A Comfortable Speed

You see some machines boasting that they can push out 1,500 stitches per minute as a maximum. This seems great but it is not going to be necessary for a beginner. Beginner machines with 750 stitches per minute are still going to be fast. Even still, go at a pace that feels comfortable to ensure consistent stitching.

Learn Basic Hand Stitching

Although a sewing machine will take a lot of the strain out of those stitches, it can still be useful to learn the basics of hand stitching. A running stitch and a straight stitch are easy enough and can come in use more than any other. Then, move onto a blanket stitch, or a cross stitch and work your way through the different basic stitches.

Sew A Zipper and a Button

Two of the most common basics that are important to master. This can be satisfying when done properly and it may seem daunting but it is one of the sewing for beginner projects that are going to be really useful when sewing garments. Even for bags and dresses, sewing a zipper or button needs to be done the right way.

Use Sewing Patterns

With step-by-step instructions, sewing patterns can be a great way for a beginner to take on new projects and see their crafts brought to life. Again, Love Sewing is a valuable resource for all things sewing patterns as their extensive lists have plenty of options for beginners.


There may be quite a few basics to cover but once you have the equipment it is all about finding the time to work at your craft. It won’t be long before you have mastered them all and have various garments and projects completed.