Coupons Marketing Strategy In 2023

Only a small percentage of internet buyers prefer to pay full price for items and services. A coupon code for your next online purchase is likely to exist because so many businesses provide new customer discounts and digital coupons.

As part of their marketing strategy, retailers routinely include coupons and discounts in order to enhance sales conversion rates and client loyalty.

Insightful internet consumers know how to optimize savings by combining coupons with other offers and cash-back reductions for the best possible results. As a result, merchants may see a decrease in profits.

Consumers buying online and via smart phones are driving companies to distribute more digital coupons.

When implementing a digital coupon strategy, how can retailers still achieve their revenue and profit targets? Let’s take a closer look.

Digital Coupons: What are they?

Retailers offer digital coupons to existing and future customers like discounts and promotions. In most cases, digital coupons are designed to entice consumers to make an online purchase by providing a percentage discount, free delivery, or some other type of discount.

There are sites like where you can find coupons from multiple stores in one place.

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What types of Digital Coupons are Available?

There are several digital coupons available to consumers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Coupons that can be Downloaded- Consumers can access these types of coupons from a variety of sources. Customers can download coupons from a company’s website, from an email, or from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The majority of the time, these coupons can also be accessed via mobile devices.
  • Mobile Coupons- Mobile-only coupons are offered by ecommerce websites that have incorporated mobile applications into their operations in order to increase sales in this channel even more.
  • Coupon Codes- Coupon codes have grown in popularity as e-commerce has grown in prominence. At the point of sale, this method of discounting is quicker and easier for the client to complete than downloading a coupon. These codes are made up of a combination of letters and numbers that are unique to each brand.
  • Automated Discounts- In recent years, automatic checkout discounts have become increasingly popular since the consumer does not have to do anything. Online firms benefit from them since they entice customers with a discount, which reduces cart abandonment and churn.

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Ecommerce Sales Can Be Boosted with Coupons

Coupons, when utilized correctly, can contribute a significant amount of top-line income for a relatively little marketing investment. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Incorporating discount campaigns into your marketing efforts can have the added advantages.

  1. Get rid of products that just don’t sell well or move quickly- Some products, on the other hand, do not sell as well as some. What’s the best method to dispose of these items? Offer a larger discount so that you can at least break even. Even a 10 percent reduction can make products fly off the digital shelves.  Be sure to determine your gross profit as well, though. Using coupons for financial gain isn’t the only reason to do it. Coupon quantities can be increased over time, as well. You may find that a 15 percent discount is equally as effective as the 25 percent discount you were ready to provide initially.
  2. Establish your email list- Data is extremely important, especially when it comes from potential consumers. Many ecommerce companies give a modest discount to customers who join up for their email lists. You can do the same thing and quickly develop a 1,000+ person email list by simply offering a 10 percent discount. Even if there are larger discounts available online, 10 percent remains a valuable inducement.
  3. Excite Consumers to spend more- Adding spending criteria is a fantastic method to improve average order values and apply automated coupons during promotion times. “You’re only $20 away from a 20 percent discount on your entire order!” is a simple example.”Customers are more likely to spend more on your site if they are rewarded for doing so. A coupon or discount that is immediately applied is a wonderful bonus for your consumer.
  4. Measure channel Strength- Coupons can be used as a channel tester as well as a marketing tool. A 10 percent code on Facebook, Instagram, and an email campaign will allow you to observe which channel works best for your campaign. While it’s not a scientific test, it will provide you with an indication over time (assuming there is enough volume) as to which channel your consumers respond to such offers the most positively in the long-term. Your marketing expenditures can be better targeted based on this data.
  5. Increase your Referral Program- Almost all referral systems rely on coupons and discounts to make money. Existing clients as well as new consumers, or “friends,” might be referred. Upon completing an action, each participant is awarded a voucher. The client brings a new customer to the shop and provides them with a coupon to utilise. Existing customers receive a discount or incentive coupon that may be applied to their next purchase once a new prospect becomes a customer and puts an order.

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Promoting Your Coupons to Consumers

Once you’ve developed a coupon technique that’s both effective and predictable, you’ll need to get the information out. The following are a few common approaches that won’t cost you a fortune to implement. These are tried-and-true strategies that should provide positive results. Without risking attrition, you can also repeat several of these tactics throughout the campaign’s time span.

  • Email- Also provide a coupon code in your emails whenever you have a clearance sale or a new product launch. Not to mention system-generated and transactional emails. Even though they have a particular purpose, including an added incentive is an excellent way to prove results as long as that information is delivered first.
  • Social Media- Instagram and Facebook stories can feature a 24-hour-only coupon! This generates a sense of urgency, timeliness, and shareability. To improve brand awareness and engagement, ask your followers to spread the word about a great bargain.
  • Advertisements- Coupon codes can appear in Facebook advertising as well as Google Display ads. Clients are attracted to click and you can learn which channels they visited. Often, paid advertising is accompanied by incentives in order to offset part of the expenses while increasing volume.
  • Influencer Coupon Codes- Influencers will frequently have their own promo codes to provide to their fans and followers. A discount code can be given to a blogger who is an influencer, and you can track how that blogger’s campaign fared.

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Interesting Facts About Coupons as a Marketing Strategy

  • Did you know coupons are more influential than other types of advertisements? A study showed that 61% of consumers confirmed that coupons or discounts inspire them to try a new product or brand. Of the entire consumer population, 54% said they would feel the urge to purchase immediately when coupons are available, and 60% of the consumer population speeds up their decision to press the button and buy.
  • Did you know that the well-known soft drink company Coca-Cola distributed the very first coupon in history? In 1887, the company decided to try promoting its products through coupon discounts. Between 1894 and 1913, an estimated one in nine Americans received free Coca-Cola for 8,500,000 free drinks. By 1895, Coca-Cola was well-recognized in every state, and since then, coupons have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. 
  • Did you know that people prefer to receive their coupons through email? In a recent study, 93% of coupon users are very likely to use coupons or discounts they receive via email. With digitalization coming into the limelight, more customers have become more reliable on paperless transactions, which is also true regarding coupon distribution. Consumers also tend to be more active in sharing coupons online with percentage-based discounts.
  • Did you know coupon strategy is one of the most measurable forms of marketing? Entrepreneurs find that most advertising and marketing activities need to be more accurate when measuring their profitability. However, coupons can be easily tracked based on redemption rate and redemption location, providing valuable consumer insight and justifying marketing budgets. 


Bottom Line

It’s no secret that coupons are a powerful tool for increasing volume and sales. Providing excellent items and fair pricing is crucial, but discounts can help when the competition heats up or when customer expectations require it.

Plan ahead and budget appropriately, because couponing can be an expensive and unsustainable approach that many businesses cannot afford. Coupons alone will not create your brand equity, but a clever coupon strategy and a quality product will.