Cool Weed Stuff: The Most Unique and Memorable Paraphernalia Around

Stoners love their week — and the cool weed stuff that they can use with it. Here are a few examples of the sorts of weed paraphernalia that are out there now.

More than 10 states in America have legalized recreational use for marijuana.

Although not all states allow recreational use, 33 states have legalized medical use as well. 

If you can legally smoke and need to update your paraphernalia, there are some ideas that you should consider. 

Continue reading to discover cool weed stuff that you can add to your marijuana paraphernalia! 

1. Rolling Tray

If you are sick of getting your weed all over the table and want to contain it while rolling, you should get a rolling tray.

Rolling trays come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can get a simple one or get a girly tray. Other trays have funny movie scenes from Step Brothers, Bob Marley, and more. 

By going online, you can view all of the different styles to fit your personality. 

2. Rolled Cones

Rolling papers are easy to find and cheap but can be difficult to roll if you don’t have steady hands. 

Pre-rolled papers, also known as cones, are one of the best weed items to buy. Instead of spending 10 minutes on rolling a joint, you can quickly stuff a cone with your stash and get to smoking. 

Depending on the brand you buy, you can get pretty pink cones or even colored and flavored ones! 

3. Water Bongs

If you want cool weed stuff, you need to add a water bong to your collection.

There are many types of bongs to choose from, you can even find specific TV character designs and themes. Water bongs are a fun way to smoke and they also filter out the smoke more than a joint or bowl would.

When handling water bongs, make sure you are extra careful. The glass versions are easy to break. If you are a fan of elephants, you can find versions of them in bong form, along with other animals!

4. Stash Bag

Traveling with marijuana can be a nerve wracking thing to do.

However, with a stash bag, you can transport your weed without anyone detecting or smelling it. Stash bags are essential weed equipment. They are typically smell-proof and provide a safe place to store your flowers and joints. 

To keep your marijuana safe, you should always lock your bag. You can use bike locks if your stash bag doesn’t have a lock included. 

5. Wristband Pipe

One of the coolest and most convenient weed smoking devices can fit around your wrist.

People have created homemade smoking devices out of rope bracelets. These bracelets, when open, have a spot to inhale from and a bowl for your weed. All you need to do is put some weed in your pocket and you can smoke on the go from anywhere! 

You Can Have Cool Weed Stuff 

With states legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana, it is easier to find paraphernalia. 

This article includes cool weed stuff that you can smoke from and keep. Your stoner friends will be jealous of your collection and awesome your devices are. 

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