Construction Debris Removal: Why It Should Be Left to the Junk Removal Pros?

Construction debris is a byproduct of new building constructions, civil engineering construction, repairs, and maintenance. According to an EPA report, in 2018, the US Construction and Demolition (C&D) industry generated 600 million tons of debris. Therefore, proper disposal is necessary to ensure generated materials are not sent straight away to landfills.

You can find construction debris removal pros on who will recycle and safely dispose of debris from your construction site. You can visit the website of service providers to know more about the different range of removal services offered.

What is Construction Debris Removal?

The debris generated from construction projects is often heavy, bulky, and challenging to get rid of. It contains materials such as:

  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Bricks
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Doors, windows, frames
  • Asphalt

Construction debris removal is the process of collecting all the debris generated, sorting and disposing of materials according to local laws and environment-friendly practices.

When you contact a professional junk removal company, they will visit your site on a scheduled time, collect and categorize the debris, set aside donation and recyclable materials, and dispose of the remaining junk responsibly.

Why Leave Construction Debris Removal to the Pros?

Debris removal is an effort-intensive task. You could better utilize the time you spend on junk removal activities that experts can handle better.

Here are some reasons why debris removal is best left to pros.


Construction debris often contains heavy, bulky, and sometimes toxic materials. You could sustain injuries or damage property when hauling the materials from one site to another.

A professional junk removal company will have the proper equipment and well-trained and experienced staff to handle such debris. They will also have protective gear on to ensure the task is completed as safely as possible.

Save on Time

C&D projects can generate a large amount of debris. You will have to specifically assign employees to sort through the junk and make multiple trips to the recycling center. If you are not aware of local laws, you could also end up with hefty fines.

You can save on time and money by contacting a professional construction debris removal company. You can call them up to get free estimates, schedule a pick-up time, and let experts take it from there.

Appropriate Disposal

Out of the 600 million tons of C&D debris generated in 2018, about 143 million tons found their way into landfills. Opt to work with a junk removal service provider that adopts environment-friendly disposing practices. In addition, these companies have proper sorting and disposal policies in place that ensure junk is always taken care of responsibly.


Junk removal companies already have an infrastructure setup that can handle debris removal safely and efficiently. It will be convenient to use their expertise as hiring a suitable removal service will let you utilize all your resources on the core business. All you have to do is pick a suitable company that offers top-quality service, give them a call, schedule a pick-up date and time and get the junk removed.

Construction debris removal costs can vary significantly depending on the scale of the project. You can visit sites online to get quotes from multiple service providers. You can compare prices and the eco-friendly debris removal process to hire a provider best suited to your requirement.