Common Water Heater Problems and How to Deal With Them

You never think about your water heater until it breaks and you are left with cold showers. That is the worst feeling in the world, but there are plenty of things to do before that happens! Below we will be discussing some common problems that people often come across with their water heaters and how they can fix them. And

Water Temperature Issues

Problem: The hot water is not reaching the desired temperature.

Solution: If you have a gas-powered water heater, check to see if it needs more propane or air vents are blocked. If it’s an electric one, make sure that your breaker box has power running to it and call in a professional for help with this problem! If these steps do not work, then there may be something wrong with the thermocouple, which will need replacement. It’s important to note that some of these solutions should only be performed by professionals due to safety hazards associated with them. If your water heater needs to be replaced then you can check out the options here:

Water is coming Out cold

Problem: The water from the faucet is not as hot as it should be.

Solution: It could just need to run for a bit more before reaching peak temperature, though you may have an overheating problem if this persists. Check your thermocouple again and see where there are any obstructions in the pipes that might restrict flow.”

Water is coming too hot

Overheating Problem: Your water turns hot and stays boiling even when turned off.

Solution: This could mean your thermocouple needs replacement which can get expensive. But there are some affordable options as well.

Leaky Pipe Connections

Problem: There are leaks on either one or both of the connection points between the pipe and device (usually at joints).

Solutions: You can use Teflon tape or another appropriate sealant to waterproof these connections. If they continue leaking after being fixed, then most likely something else inside has caused them to become loose, so check for problems like corrosion.

Odd Whining Noise From The Heater

Problem: You hear a weird whining noise from the water heater.

Solutions: This could be a sign that your heating elements have lost their protective coating and are in need of replacement, or it may just mean there’s sediment buildup on them which can easily be solved by turning off power to the water heater for 20 minutes then turn back on (don’t forget to open hot/cold faucet before doing this!)

Water Is Coming Out Discolored

Problem: The water coming out of your faucet is discoloured

Solutions: This could be a sign that the heating element on your heater has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If this isn’t an issue, then it’s possible minerals are building up in the bottom of the unit, which can be cleared by cleaning the bottom with the relevant cleaning solution.

Water Stops In The Middle

Problem: Water Heater Goes Out When Running Hot Water In Shower?

Solution: The problem may be just a loose part inside the unit’s heating chamber that can easily be tightened back into its original place by the homeowner.

Lower Pressure Of Water

Problem: Low water pressure

Solutions: You might have a clog in your supply line, or the hot and cold faucets could be connected improperly to the unit. You can treat the low water pressure problem by calling a plumber.

High Energy Consumption

Problem: High cost of energy

Solution: The electric company might not actually charge more just because it takes more electricity; they use different rates depending on where you live and how much usage there was during peak hours (typically from 12-to-the late evening). So your energy bill is highly likely to be affected by something else. The reason why you are getting a high energy bill might be because of your usage. And to solve this issue, you need to work with your energy provider.

Pilot Light Not Working

Problem: Pilot Light Not Lighting Up

Solution: If you have a pilot light that isn’t lighting up, there can be many reasons why this is happening. It could be as simple as the bulb is burned out or not getting enough oxygen to ignite because of dust buildup on your gas valve (usually caused by a lack of maintenance). It might also indicate an issue with either the thermocouple or the gas valve itself. The way to treat pilot light is first to clean the gas valve and thermocouple. You can also treat it with a quality water heater cleaner.

Bad Odor From The Water

Problem: Musty Smell From The Water

Solution: The smell of dampness is an indicator that your tank needs to be drained and cleaned out, as it may have developed leaks or corrosion. Make sure you hire a professional for this job in order to avoid any damage caused by improper drainage techniques.

This will also help reduce the likelihood of future problems down the line, such as rust from metal parts inside the machine becoming exposed due to corrosion. Rinse off all surfaces before refilling and retesting your appliance after following these steps so that there are no remaining bacteria on them which can cause health issues when touched during use later on. You’ll want to replace any gaskets if they show signs of leakage and consult.


There you have it, some indication that your water heater is experiencing problems and their solutions. The earlier you treat the issue, the less likely it is to become a serious problem for you. These are some steps that you can check out to see and determine what is the issue with your water heater. Being a bit educated about these things will allow you to solve many of the problems on your own. However, if you have any questions and are not sure if what you think is the problem, then you should consult a professional. You do not want to risk doing any further damage to the water heating in the midst of treating it.