Common Signs of A Great Vancouver Realtor

Everyone has a different definition of what ‘great’ looks like. Having said that, most would agree on some basics such as professionalism, openness, and trustworthiness. It’s the same when evaluating a Realtor Vancouver professional. Although, for the Vancouver real estate industry, there are a few more things that tell you when you’ve truly found your great agent. 

Common Signs of A Great Realtor Vancouver

It’s always exciting when you partner with the right person. In real estate, this is even more applicable because it can be quite a torturous process if done badly or half-heartedly. With real estate being a regulated industry in Canada though, things can’t go too wrong.  

Nevertheless, here are some clear signs to look out for when searching for your great Vancouver Realtor professional: 

  • Strategic and problem-solving mindset
  • Openness and a head for negotiation 
  • A passion for properties and the community 
  • Organizational skills 
  • Networking skills 
  • Technically minded 

Strategic and problem-solving mindset

Things go wrong all the time, including in real estate. It’s simply part of life’s challenges. However, a great Realtor Vancouver professional will problem-solve your way out of anything. This could be anything from financial to legal or even something structural within the property. Furthermore, they can pre-empt most of these issues before they even happen due to their years of experience. 

A successful real estate project has a great strategy. Does your Realtor Vancouver professional have a strategic mindset? Do they know how to pitch properties within the market? 

One of the ways you can find out is to ask them for their price to listing ratio. This will give you an idea of how different the selling price is compared to the original listing. The closer they are then the better the approach. Don’t forget though, that you can, and should, ask for referrals and track record. 

Openness and a head for negotiation 

Knowing how they communicate and if this matches with your style are important. You don’t want to have to deal with miscommunication problems later down the line. For this one, you might want to listen to your instinct though. You’ll know if you feel that you can trust and relate to your Realtor Vancouver professional. Although, you do have the opportunity to ask for referrals for their experience. 

Negotiating on your behalf is a key part of any real estate project and investment such as house flipping. Again though, you’ll know from interviewing your Realtor Vancouver professional if they come across as professional and with a steady head. 

A passion for properties and the community 

Is your Realtor Vancouver professional passionate about their industry? This might seem like a strange thing to think about. Nevertheless, for anyone great at their job, it’s often because they’re passionate about it. On the other hand, if it’s simply a 9 to 5 grind for them to pay the bills then you can’t expect too much. 

Many Realtor Vancouver professionals out there enjoy working with people and supporting the community through real estate. They’re often passionate about making living spaces accessible and pleasant for communities. 

Organizational skills

Clearly, any Realtor Vancouver professional needs to be organized and able to manage their portfolio of clients and properties successfully. Nothing is stopping you from asking how many clients they deal with at any one time. 

However, you can also ask them about their approach to staying on top of things. This will then enable you to compare answers across the different Realtor Vancouver professionals that you’re interviewing. 

Networking skills 

Being a Realtor Vancouver professional is all about networking. They need to know people on or considering the market but they also need to have a professional network for all support services. These include lawyers as well as financial lenders. 

One way to assess your Realtor Vancouver professional’s networking skills is to visit one of their open house days. You’ll be able to watch them in action and how they relate to the various people around them. 

Technically minded 

Technology and real estate might not be an obvious match however shifts are happening in the industry. There are a lot of digital tools right now that could make your project even more successful. These include virtual tours and live digital open houses, marketing apps, and electronic signing services as well as providing live streaming events contact.

It’s worth asking what your Realtor Vancouver professional uses and how it could help you. Although, clearly digital tools can help where open house restrictions may impact you. Note that open house tours and live streaming are also available most probably in your region to help reduce covid impact.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Great Realtor Vancouver

Whatever you decide is the top criteria for you, make sure that you interview a few Realtor Vancouver professionals. That way you’ll get a sense of the different styles and approaches that you could be working with. Moreover, you must ask them your questions about their strategy and knowledge so that you can easily compare. At the end of the day though, you also need to listen to your gut and if you feel that you could collaborate well with that person.