Cocaine Addiction Treatment – What Options Do You Have?

The word cocaine has become popular in the recent past. It is a drug made from leaves of the Coca plant, and studies have revealed that almost 15% of people are addicted to this drug. Cocaine is also known by the name of coke, snow, crack, blow, and flake. It is a highly addictive drug that affects the brain’s neuropathways and leaves a feeling of energy, euphoria, and talkativeness. There are a variety of ways of consuming cocaine. It stands true that cocaine prevents dopamine, serotonin, and Norepinephrine. The sense of euphoria caused by cocaine is the primary reason for addictions.

Some significant effects of cocaine

Psychological effects: the effects of cocaine include aggression, anxiety, hallucinations, panic, paranoia, depression, irritability, impaired judgment, and abnormal behaviors. Psychological effects are difficult to notice. However, only when they take adverse forms can it get seen. If your near and dear one is suffering from this kind of drug abuse, try to look out for the psychological symptoms.

Physical effects: it is a kind of addiction that may include nausea, chest pain, headache, unhealthy weight loss, heart attack, heart diseases, scissors, stroke, etc. You need to be on the lookout for the physical effects of cocaine on the individuals before the problem takes a severe turn

Medical conditions: it includes hepatitis, respiratory tract disorders, weekend immune system, and bowel problems. The medical requirements are serious problems that can take adverse forms with time. You may have to take action at the initial stage, not to turn out to be data for the patient.

Why people develop this addiction?

The fact that cocaine affects the neurological system of a person is a significant cause of addiction. The repeated use of the drug can bring about changes in memory, pleasure, and decision making. A person who is addicted to the drug can hardly resist the urges that occur at some point in time. The stimulant acts like an enhancer and creates a blockage in the transportation of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

Necessary treatment procedures

The treatment facilities: there are various kinds of residential treatment facilities available all across the world. They are highly effective and cover almost all the facets of the addiction. The duration of the treatment lasts for weeks to nearly a year. The rehab centers in Portland have multiple institutions that are highly effective in this regard. They provide different kinds of treatment to cope up with the situation. Various success stories are associated with these organizations.

The behavioral treatment

it is a recent addition in the field of treatment of cocaine addiction. The behavior treatments provide long-lasting results. Various therapies are part of the inpatient drug rehab in Tennessee for acquiring desired results. There are different rewards associated with meeting goals which inspires the patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy caters to multiple dimensions of an addicted person.

Medication: you must primarily note that there is no specific medication for treating cocaine addiction. However, medicines useful for treating other problems instead of neurological problems can help in this regard. One such example is antidepressants.

Alternate therapies

various alternative therapies have cropped up in recent times for treating cocaine addiction. It includes acupuncture, exercise, and use of herbs, hypnosis, and the like. However, a good deal of research is required to determine how effective these methods are in treating the addiction. You should consult with an expert like Steven Yohay before deciding on any type of treatment plan.

The withdrawal effect

addition to any drug has withdrawal effects associated with them. Whether it is cocaine, marijuana, or any other medication, withdrawal effects are common in all cases. However, the withdrawal effect of cocaine includes anxiety, paranoia, fatigue, hostility, agitation, sleep disturbance, and depression.

Intense discomfort is associated with the withdrawal of cocaine. The uncontrolled urge for the use of the drug is one of such withdrawal effects. The sudden craving becomes a problem for individuals who return from the treatment centers. However, a supportive family and friends circle can help a person to abstain from withdrawal symptoms. Studies have revealed that a supportive environment effectively helps an individual lead an ordinary life away from cocaine.

The outlook

you cannot denythat cocaine addiction is a complex illness that severely impacts physical and mental health. In adverse cases, it may result in premature deaths. Keeping these effects in mind, you should reach out for the most suitable treatment option near you. It is indispensable to have a supporting circle to overcome any substance abuse.

Cocaine addiction is a pressing problem that has brought millions of individuals under its shackles. The medical field is trying their level best for evolving methods for treating individuals with this substance abuse. You may choose the one that suits your case, depending upon the resources available. You may take the help of a medical practitioner to get reliable suggestions for your needs.