Cinema seating in Australia: Create an unforgettable experience

According to the reports, the average cinema attendance in Australia is about 70 per cent. The visual experience is pivotal for moviegoers, which drives them to visit theatres frequently. To increase the audience’s comfort and create an unforgettable experience, cinema seating in Australia has undergone significant transformations over the years. From wooden chairs to squeezed rockers and then recliners, the seating experience has come a long way. When designing cinema seating, several factors must be taken into consideration. Following is the guide on how to determine the best cinema seating:

Prioritise safety

The Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating effect on the cinema industry. In 2019, 524 films were released in Australia across 2310 screens. Forced closure of theatres due to the pandemic reduced revenues at the box office. The otherwise reliable cinema-goers in Australia are apprehensive to go back to theatres due to health concerns. It is crucial to adapt to a seating solution that prioritises the audience’s safety. It is best if you choose recliners instead of rockers. While the initial investment is significant, it would provide you with unparalleled benefits. Recliners give the proper spacing confirming the better safety of the audience.

Added features with comfort

A comfortable seat for you can be uncomfortable for another group of people. You need to invest before assessing the levels of comfort provided by the seat. However, comfort is not the sole criterion that needs to be considered. You must also ensure that the seats have other features to accentuate the overall visual experience. For example, the seats with a USB charger would be a pleasant surprise for the audience, and it could be a reason for repeat visits in the future.


Cleanliness is of utmost importance when cinema seating in Australia is concerned in present times. The national cabinet of Australia has imposed the rule of one person every four square metres on entertainment venues. Hence, the seating arrangement that you opt for must adhere to the rule and hygiene standards so that the patrons’ health is safeguarded. For example, VIP recliners with easy cleaning mechanisms would add to audience comfort and significantly reduce the cleaning time.


Investing in cinema seating is no small feat. The hefty investment you are willing to make must be durable and last for several years. If you opt for recliners, optimise the backrest cushion and the swivel table for long life.


You can now add uniqueness to the design of your cinema theatre with the customisation of seats. From the swivel table patterns to the number tags and the upholstery, everything should be customisable according to the audiences’ needs. In short, you don’t want to compromise on the cinema seating and do everything to make watching movies a delightful and comforting experience.


Post-sale services are crucial after you have invested a massive amount of money in cinema seating. You need to check the type of warranty you will avail with the purchase. It is also vital you research the manufacturer’s reliability and its after-sales service. You should be aware that customers going through an unpleasant seating experience might have severe consequences for the business.

Watching movies provides a recluse from the monotony of everyday life. It cannot be ignored that cinema seating adds mainly to the overall experience creating a lasting impact on the audiences.

Author:  Alison Lurie