Christmas Crafts Grandparents Will Love

There are lots of presents you and your kids can give on Christmas for grandma and grandpa. You can buy their favorite brand of clothes, perfume, bags, and more. But nothing will be more meaningful than a gift that has the touch of a creative kid. Homemade presents are one of the best gifts for grandparents. They might not be expensive gifts, but they were made with time, effort, creativity, and love. 

If you have kids who love to make and give homemade presents, or they are thinking of what gifts to give their grandparents at Christmas, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to share with you some of the best Christmas crafts we found that you and your kids can make, that grandparents will surely love. 

1. Hand Painted Aprons

Grandparents, especially grandmothers, love to spend time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals. That’s why giving them aprons is a great idea for Christmas. To make it more special, you can buy plain aprons and let your kids hand paint them. We got this idea from Little Page Turners. You can let your kids have their handprints painted on the apron and then write their names on them as well. Every time their grandparents will cook, they will be reminded of their lovely grandchildren. 

2. A Decorated Wine Bottle

A used wine bottle is great to use in watering indoor plants because their necks get right down into the plant. Our grandparents are usually the ones who keep decorative plants indoors. Therefore, giving them a wine bottle for Christmas is also great. But it’s not just a plain wine bottle because it will be decorated by your kids. You can have your kids paint the bottle with different colors, shapes, and drawings. Or maybe they can write a message for their grandparents on it. Another great thing about this gift is it can be displayed after being used to water the plants. This is indeed a wonderful idea from Happy Hooligans.

3. A Decal Cookie Tin

Cookies are great gifts for everyone at Christmas. If your kids want to give some cookies to their grandparents, you can make it more special by placing the cookies in a keepsake tin. You can have your kids draw something for their grandparents and then place them as the design of the tin. You can print their artworks on a water slide decal. Then, trim them into the desired shape then soak it in water until backing separates from them. After that, place the decal on the tin and let it dry. Even after the cookies are gone, the tin will still hold the memory of your children’s gift. 

4. Beaded Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are also great Christmas gifts for grandparents. Instead of buying them, you and your kids can make special ones instead. This idea is from Buggy and Buddy. Your kids will surely enjoy making them, especially if they love beading. These are wonderful table decorations that their grandparents will like. 

5. Sandpaper Printed Towels

Hand towels are very useful around the house, especially in the kitchen. Sandpaper printed towels are very easy to make, and grandparents will surely love to receive them at Christmas. All you need for this are towels, crayons, rough sandpaper, and an iron. Making it has a cool process, and it is a meaningful keepsake as well. This is a wonderful handcrafted gift idea shared by Toddler Approved.

6. A Glass Bead Suncatcher

Suncatchers are wonderful gifts for grandparents at Christmas, too. You can brighten up their day by making some beautiful glass bead suncatcher. It is a great way to take advantage of the sunshine outside, and it is very easy to make, as well. You can find the instructions in making a glass bead sun catcher at Kids Activities Blog.

7. Hand-Decorated Golf Balls

If grandpa loves to play golf, then giving him some golf balls for Christmas is great. But plain golf balls are boring. So why not give him special, hand-decorated golf balls instead? Grandpa will definitely improve his swing, and the receiver will work hard to remain on the green to be able to keep the balls forever. This idea is from Laughing Kids Learn. It’s easy to do. You just need some golf balls, permanent markers, and creativity. 

8. Handcrafted Wind Chimes

Grandparents also love decorating their homes with lots of different things. And wind chimes will surely be great additions to their home décor if you give them as gifts for Christmas. You can actually make handcrafted wind chimes using things found around the house. For example, if you have some old keys that you no longer use, you can turn them into wind chimes. You can do that by painting them different colors and tying each one on pieces of strings. This idea is from Inner Child Fun, and you can check their page for the full instructions. 

9. Fabric Resist Art Pillow Cases

This artistic gift idea came from Meri Cherry. Fabric resist art can also be called gel glue batik. You can ask your kids to create fabric art for their grandparents. For example, they can write “I Love Grandma/Grandpa”, and the grandparents will surely love them. You can check out Meri Cherry art studio for the full instructions on how to make them. 

10. Flower Drop Ornaments

Another wonderful décor that you and your kids can craft for grandma and grandpa are flower drop ornaments. These can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, windows, and as well as patios and decks. These are lovely handcrafted gifts that can surely brighten up any space. You can see the instructions on how to make this gift at Happy Hooligans.

11. Family Tree Frame

What could be more fascinating than gifting your grandparents a family tree frame? All of you must have grown up hearing stories of your ancestors from your grandparents, so you must remember a little bit about those tragic stories. Why don’t you write them down on a piece of paper, make a connection and close the loophole by making a whole family tree?  Gather all your ancestors, their children, their connection to your grandparents and align them according to the hierarchy. We are pretty sure, your grandparents will love this present.

12. Hand and Footprint Art

In this craft making, you can also involve your grandparents. Wouldn’t it be nice to engage them in some sort of activity so that they will spend their leisure time having fun with you rather than being lonely?  So, start by  gathering lots of acrylic paints, have your grandparents’ foot or hands printed and stamp it on any shirt or wearable item that you want to give your grandparents. There you go, with a fine clothing item having hand prints of your grandparents! Start twinning with your grandparents by wearing those hand printed shirts  on any special occasion.

13. Personalized Mug

We are sure every grandparent loves having a cup of tea in the evening. So, why don’t you make them a personalized mug of their own. You can grab a mug from a local market nearby and paint it yourself. You can write inspirational quotes on it, or write them a wish from your heart. And, if you are interested in art, make them a doodled sketch of yours on their mug . This will always remind them of you.Moreover, you can also try making pottery and give them your own handmade mug.

14. A handMade Muffler

Grandparents always seize the vintage vibe by wearing wool mufflers. So, why don’t you make one for them? If you don’t know how to knit, the best option is to buy one and paint it yourself. You can use some glitters, acrylic paints and even dye to make it look eye catchy. Just make sure you don’t make it too flashy and vibrant. Keep it elegant, use light colors, and most importantly paint it from your heart!

Start Making a Craft for your Beloved Grandparents!

These are some of the best Christmas crafts that grandparents will love. Always remember that in giving gifts like the ones at Justcraftingaround, it will always be the thought that counts. We hope the things we shared will help you come up with the best Christmas gifts for your grandparents.